Apologetics 101 – Carbon 14 Dating

Another amazing apologetics post by my sister in Christ Savedbygrace 🙂 this like the others is a must read!!!!



Since I began this series on Apologetics I have beenasked questions that I have not previously researched which is so EXCITIG for me because I love learning! 

Subsequently, I admit wholeheartedly that I am not a Science or Math person. I teach AP High School Classes such as English, Psychology, Sociology, History, Philosophy, World Religion, ….

Science is fascinating but it literally “blows my mind” LOL  and math … let’s just say my husband does our monthly finances … LOL 


Therefore  when asked about Carbon 14 dating  ~ I decided to research reputable sources such as Answers in Genesis

  • For those of you like myself who read science and think you’ve just read Greek … here is the summary of this article. Carbon dating has concluded and rebuked evolutionists statements for an old earth – Reputable Scientists listed in this article show empirically that based on carbon dating –…

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saved by grace presents apologetics: old earth vs young earth 

I love this post by my brilliant sister in Christ. Never compromise the authenticity of the bible in order to appease people misconceived notions about the world. The bible is spot on about creation, the age of the earth, sickness, death, disease, where man cam from and so much more. This is a wonderful post by saved by grace check it out and give her a follow.
Apologetics Old Earth vs. Young Earth – http://wp.me/p7InES-6c