If you love Him, talk about Him


One thing that I missed so much about this WordPress community is the love for God. Not only do the people here proclaim their love for God, they talk about Him. Now I know it seems like, “what are you talking about?” but since I’ve been gone from here my eyes have been reopened to the world that we live in. There are far too many people who say they believe in God, love God and thank God for this and that, but when you try to have a conversation about God with them its too deep of a conversation, or its too stressful, or they aren’t in the type of mood that is required to get into such a heavy and intense conversation. Thankfully I found a couple of people here to keep in touch with to keep me sane and spiritually grounded.

There is so much that God does in a day that I would love to just share it all with people. My wife and I are literally amazed at things that we see God in, but when we try to share it no one wants to hear it or the response is just a lackluster “oh wow that’s nice.” You’d think these people weren’t believers at all with the way that they go about talking about God. There seems to be a lack of consistency in the Christian community. You go to church on Sunday and see people shouting at the top of their lungs thanking Jesus for delivering them, bringing them through the week, helping them with so much and as soon as they get out they drop their Christianity and embrace the world. It’s a discouraging thing to see and be around. Thankfully though there are still faithful believers out there, who really do love God and long to talk about His magnificence.