Watch : Antivenom.

I learned so much from this sermon. If you have the time definitely check it out. I’ve got content lined up and scripts that are complete and chapters are moving. These videos help me out so much because they are convicting and keep me in the spirit. This brother is anointed and highly blessed. Check out His sermons and support his ministry because it truly is amazing!

The great white throne judgement

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. The next minute isn’t even promised to us. Seconds go by and we barely give any thought to the fact that we are blessed just to still be breathing. Well blessed in one since because the reality is this life is a drag to every christian who is aware of what heaven is supposed to be like. But for the unsaved this life is everything. each breath taken for granted, each day lived through without thought or gratitude, Each day is lived without purpose or provision. The only drive is material wealth and success which will all pass away someday. To the unbeliever and the the lazy christian What will you do when you stand before God?