Help me to learn about you

Sometimes I approach reading the word of God with haste because I’m anxious to learn. This is a good thing but it becomes a bad thing when done so hastily that I forget to pray. The reason why Atheists have a hard time understanding the principles of the bible is because they do not have the Holy Spirit of God guiding them, teaching them and helping them to understand. We as Christians do have this, but when we approach God’s word without first praying and asking for it, there will be times where we finish reading and feel like we’ve gotten nowhere. God is the one who equips you with understanding, so when you leave Him out of the process you inadvertently handicap yourself. It is an amazing thing to be anxious for God, but it is dangerous when your anxiousness supplements your patience.

We must speak to God and ask for Him to sanctify us by His truth which is His word, and help us to apply that word to ourselves. Then the outcome will be a lot more pleasant. It is kind of like the order of a day, if the sun fully rose before the rooster crows, what good would the rooster be, or if a flower grew from a seed without being planted first, what good would the soil be? Therefore we must talk to God first so that His word can have the impact it is supposed to have on us and so it can  resonate with us. 🙂

30 day blog challenge day 10. My favorite book


Haha well this one is a no brainer. My favorite book is the bible more specifically a tie between the Gospels.

Why do I love the bible?

Unlike any other book on the planet it is not just a source of wisdom, it is a source of eternal wisdom. We are capable of learning a never ending amount of different things from reading the same passages.

But aside from the obvious religious reasons it has everything you could possibly want in a book. Amazing love stories, action, drama, betrayal, areas where the bad guy wins, areas where the weak overcome insurmountable odds, war stories, lovable characters and even funny moments. It is a story inspired by the greatest author of all time (God) and the best part is it is all true!

Why do I love the Gospels?

I love the Gospels because they contain the words of Jesus Himself. I can not express how much I love reading His words and learning His ways. Calling it enlightening would be an understatement, helpful would be an insult, amazing does not do it justice, Jesus’ teachings are Just _ fill in the blank if you can hahaha.

Now that you know my favorite book, what is your favorite book? If it is the bible then what book in the bible? Let me know in the comments below, I’m curious to know what you guys like most.