These blogs are coming to me like no tomorrow. I am currently in the process of writing about 7 different blogs on 7 different topics. because I have so many ideas. Allow me to explain.

I spent some time away from the word inadvertently. Life kind of overwhelmed me for a while so I had a hard time finding time to get into the word. I could barely stay awake long enough to get through a couple of verses. The only thing that kept me awake was my video game, but I have even fallen asleep on that, despite my desperate attempt to use it to keep me awake. Although I have been away from the Bible I hadn’t stopped studying. I recently watched several different videos about biblical truths, archaeology, Gods perspective on intimacy, and much more, but recently I have gotten back into the word and have since been on fire. It is like God lit a fire under my bottom and I am just souring right now.

This blog is a little all over the place, this is because I am trying to get this update out to you all really fast to let you know that…


I’M COMINkeep-calm-i-m-coming-soon-1


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