The real mount Sinai

If you have some time definitely check out this amazing finding.


4 thoughts on “The real mount Sinai

  1. This is the one with Bob Cornuke right? Where he says Sinai is at Jebel Al Lawz? Cornuke is awesome. Pretty convincing argument that it’s in Saudi Arabia, and not the traditionally though of place in the Sinai Peninsula. I’d love to go hunt for it myself one day!

    On a related topic…not sure if you’ve ever heard of Chuck Missler, but Chuck and Bob teamed up last year to prove that the temple isn’t actually at what everyone thinks to be “the temple mount” but is somewhere else in the city of david. Super interesting if you get the chance to watch and similar to Cornuke’s otger work.

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    1. Absolutely!!! I will take a look at this as soon as I get home. I appreciate the extra material! The evidence that God leaves behind is remarkable. and the archaeological findings that prove certain miracles in the bible are mind blowing. Also yes this is the video about Mount Sinai being in Saudi Arabia. It is quite amazing and quite convincing. Especially because of the metamorphic top of the mountain, alters and artifacts that resemble Egyptian tradition.

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      1. Agreed! I think they make a convincing argument that it is located on Saudi Arabia. One other item I’d live to go search for myself is Noah’s ark. Cornuke think it’s in the far NW corner of Iran, but from my research I think it’s on Mt Ararat proper in Turkey right next to Armenia. I live Biblical archaeology. Super interesting stuff and it always confirms the Bible!

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      2. Sorry brother I’m just now seeing this my goodness lol its been almost a month and i never noticed this comment here. Do you actually go on these trips searching for biblical artifacts or do you mostly just do the research. either way what you do and know is impressive!


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