I can relax with you

Silly is probably one of the best words that I can use to describe myself. By silly I mean always playful, always smiling, always singing, dancing and Joking. I’m just a medium sized bundle of silliness. If you’ve seen my Instagram you know what I’m talking about. With this being such a prominent attribute of mine it was imperative that I married a woman that could encompass and facilitate this quality. My silly side is something that I kept bottled up growing up because it wasn’t accepted by the people around me. So as I got older I became more reserved and “chill”, but managed to maintain my silly side, just not in public.

Today that is an aspect of myself that I am no longer afraid to showcase, thanks to the unconditional love of my wife. She freed me from the pressure that weighed heavily on my conscious concerning whether or not people would accept me. My wife loves my wild and annoying self and I love her for it. I have never in my life felt more comfortable with who I am than right now. My wife and her family welcomed me with opened arms and it brings me to tears sometimes when I realize that this young boy that felt out of place has finally found a home. A home where my heart can rest and my mind is eased. I can be as silly as I want to be and trust me that can be pretty silly.

Exhibit A

I never thought that I would be where I am today. I especially never thought that I would be able to comfortably be myself as an adult. Comfortability is important because it enhances the quality of life, increases mental stability and provides a strong sense of confidence. It wasn’t easy to arrive here but I finally feel like I can just relax knowing that I am loved the way I am.

I thank God every day for allowing me to go through the things I went through growing up. The rejection, the lack of acceptance and the feelings of loneliness taught me how to appreciate just how satisfying and understand how much of a blessing it is to be myself. God through my wife taught me the value of me! I find that people like me a lot more now than before as well which is also pretty cool and funny lol. Thank You, God and thank you, Rebekah! It is because of you that I can finally relax and just be silly ol me.



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