These blogs are coming to me like no tomorrow. I am currently in the process of writing about 7 different blogs on 7 different topics. because I have so many ideas. Allow me to explain.

I spent some time away from the word inadvertently. Life kind of overwhelmed me for a while so I had a hard time finding time to get into the word. I could barely stay awake long enough to get through a couple of verses. The only thing that kept me awake was my video game, but I have even fallen asleep on that, despite my desperate attempt to use it to keep me awake. Although I have been away from the Bible I hadn’t stopped studying. I recently watched several different videos about biblical truths, archaeology, Gods perspective on intimacy, and much more, but recently I have gotten back into the word and have since been on fire. It is like God lit a fire under my bottom and I am just souring right now.

This blog is a little all over the place, this is because I am trying to get this update out to you all really fast to let you know that…


I’M COMINkeep-calm-i-m-coming-soon-1

I can relax with you

Silly is probably one of the best words that I can use to describe myself. By silly I mean always playful, always smiling, always singing, dancing and Joking. I’m just a medium sized bundle of silliness. If you’ve seen my Instagram you know what I’m talking about. With this being such a prominent attribute of mine it was imperative that I married a woman that could encompass and facilitate this quality. My silly side is something that I kept bottled up growing up because it wasn’t accepted by the people around me. So as I got older I became more reserved and “chill”, but managed to maintain my silly side, just not in public.

Today that is an aspect of myself that I am no longer afraid to showcase, thanks to the unconditional love of my wife. She freed me from the pressure that weighed heavily on my conscious concerning whether or not people would accept me. My wife loves my wild and annoying self and I love her for it. I have never in my life felt more comfortable with who I am than right now. My wife and her family welcomed me with opened arms and it brings me to tears sometimes when I realize that this young boy that felt out of place has finally found a home. A home where my heart can rest and my mind is eased. I can be as silly as I want to be and trust me that can be pretty silly.

Exhibit A

I never thought that I would be where I am today. I especially never thought that I would be able to comfortably be myself as an adult. Comfortability is important because it enhances the quality of life, increases mental stability and provides a strong sense of confidence. It wasn’t easy to arrive here but I finally feel like I can just relax knowing that I am loved the way I am.

I thank God every day for allowing me to go through the things I went through growing up. The rejection, the lack of acceptance and the feelings of loneliness taught me how to appreciate just how satisfying and understand how much of a blessing it is to be myself. God through my wife taught me the value of me! I find that people like me a lot more now than before as well which is also pretty cool and funny lol. Thank You, God and thank you, Rebekah! It is because of you that I can finally relax and just be silly ol me.


When you do it with a smile

Struggle is a part of life, especially the christian life, but there is a difference in the way a christian is to handle their struggle in comparison to the world. Most of the world deals with struggle by complaining, getting frustrated, voicing their dismay and gripes with life and occasionally taking it out on others. On the contrary, as a follower of Christ we are to handle our struggles in a more discrete manner. Without wining and crying, without getting angry and especially without taking this anger out on others. With every struggle that we face we are to walk into the struggle and through the struggle knowing that when it comes to a head you will be the victor over your circumstance because Jesus has given you the victory.

In fact, we should always handle our struggles by smiling and maintaining our smile through and through.


What this does is affect all of the people around you. Smiles really are contagious and I believe God made it that way on purpose. When you smile and handle something unpleasant while not letting it negatively impact you, it really can turn the situation around. For instance; I had a patient yesterday and she was just rude as can be. I walked in said hello and introduced myself. She replied saying okay what do you want? Resiliently I maintained my smile and told her I needed to run an EKG on her. Her response, “Wait till I’m done with my dinner.” This would be an understandable request as I know a lot of nurses and doctors that would rip a patient away from their meal to do what ever they needed to do, but this was no request it was an angry demand, an unnecessary one at that. I pleasantly tell her, “that is perfectly fine with me, I will come back in a little bit.” She says nothing in response. Ten minutes later I come back and she lays in her bed and gets ready for the EKG. I ask her where shes from and she looks at me for a minute and sees that I’m still smiling and gives and acquiescent smile of her own. From there she proceeded to tell me where she was from, where she moved to, how she likes it there etc… and when I saw her today she enthusiastically smiled and waved hello.

I don’t know if this woman was having a bad day or if she was just always like this but because I put my personal feelings aside and did not let my personal life struggles effect my attitude toward her, she was unable to keep up her unwarranted attitude toward me.

Let your smile be infectious, touch the world by allowing them to see how adversity aught to be dealt with. Show them that when you have Jesus there is no need to have a long face because the victory is yours. Give God the glory by showcasing the beautiful smile he molded for you. Your attitude can change your life and the people around you. It makes you better and stronger and it makes the people around you develop a spirit of Joy.

Now here’s a picture of me and my wife smiling to uplift you guys.


Wear God on your sleeve!


“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Matthew 4:19

Whenever I see or imagine a fisherman he never looks like something else. For instance I never see a fisherman wearing a suit and tie like a business man, or scrubs like a nurse, or a fire suite like firefighters. When I see a fisherman he look like, well a fisherman.

The second one looks like me a little LOL, but my point is there is a specific look that Christians aught to have. I’m not referring to clothing because a dress code isn’t exactly spelled out for us in the bible. As far as what we wear it is important to remember to stay modest and humble. But just because there is no specific dress code doesn’t mean there is no image we are to uphold. Christians aren’t supposed to look or act like the world. Our appearance should be radiant and it should be apparent to others who it is that we follow.

Our cadence and demeanor are our uniform. Just like someone would recognize a fisherman, fireman, or a police officer by examining their uniform, people should be able to identify what you are by looking at you. We are called to be set apart and different from the world so when we stand among worldly people we should not bear any resemblance.  Wearing God on your sleeve means abstaining from carnal pleasures, withdrawing from profane and licentious conversation, upholding the word and its values, being intransigent with secular population and being unashamed of Jesus Christ and His good news.

Spreading the word of God isn’t all about public speaking and grabbing someone to the side and telling them about the good news. Spreading the word of God is also about how you live your everyday life. Your actions speak louder than words. Some people would much rather see someone living out the Christian lifestyle and commend that individual on their own terms, rather than be told what they aught to be doing.

The bottom line is don’t just privately acknowledge God, proudly talk the talk and more importantly walk the walk. Be committed, stand firm, be bold and show people that your not afraid to stand up for God.