a Proverb about friends

To love someone is to correct them when you see them doing wrong, that way they can walk uprightly. Today a lot of Christians ignore when someone is walking down a path of destruction for the sake of “love”. When you truly love someone you care enough not to leave them the way they are. Don’t conceal your love because this world teaches you to “mind your own business.” Talk to your brothers and sisters and correct them with an understanding heart. This way they aren’t fooled by the enemies kisses.

Satan and his followers pose as angels of light and they come with promises of prosperity and well-being. In reality, Satan has fooled the world into believing that love and neglect are one in the same. An enemy watches you bleed out and die on the battlefield. This is exactly the same thing as letting someone live a sinful life. A friend will drag you to safety. It isn’t the most pleasant feeling to be dragged while suffering from a fatal wound, but boy are you glad to live once you get to safety.

I hear too often, “as long as you aren’t hurting anyone if it makes you happy I’m fine with it” This perspective is dangerous because the damage that someone’s choice will cause isn’t always immediately noticeable. Our choices have a trickling effect that alters the landscape of the future. Our offspring will have to deal with the consequences of our decisions. If we don’t correct the behavior of ourselves and our loved ones, we risk blurring the lines between what is right and what is wrong.

So let us build one another up with true love and edifying words and help each other to know the real difference between a friend and a foe.



7 thoughts on “a Proverb about friends

      1. We’re doing good, hanging in there ya know. Learning wait on God and rejoice knowing that He will take care of everything even if we don’t see how its possible haha. Thank you for all your help Lene. BTW I am still praying everyday for your family! 🙂


      2. I appreciate your prayers!! The Lord worked my daughters schedule out to perfection. I certainly couldn’t see how it could possibly work out, but He is amazing! I so want to honor Him.
        Can I ask what is going on with you guys – specific prayers? What do you need?


  1. I love Max Lucado! I’ve been reading his books since I was like thirteen and I absolutely love his writing style! OK…I’m finished now with the random outburst of excitement. 😂

    But this is so true, so many people feel like loving people is just letting them mind their own business. In previous generations, I think people would have seen that as apathy.

    I think truly being a friend to someone is to encourage them in their walk with God (Or, trying to help them find God to begin with), helping them through problems, and helping them become the best version of themselves. I think we need to unconditionally love people, even if they do something we disagree with, but we should try to gently point people towards truth so that they can live the awesome life God has planned for them.☝️🙏

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