Let go and let God. Vlog

4 thoughts on “Let go and let God. Vlog

  1. Gosh Julian, I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like a really rough thing you’re experiencing/witnessing with these individuals. I’ll keep you and them in my prayers and if you ever wanted to talk about this situation my Instagram DM is always open. It’s definitely hard watching people you’re close to go on the wrong path – but you’re right that sometimes we need to pray for people and love them from a distance. Powerful vlog!

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    1. Thank you so much, I am going to try to be consistant with the Vlogging it was very positively received on FB I accidentally didn’t link the youtube to the FB post so the views didn’t translate to Youtube hahaah but it is okay as long as it got out there reached people and helped. Also I appreciate the invitation Gosh you have been a huge support and help to me and my family thank you for every thing Courts!!!!

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      1. Your welcome – my mom and I are always happy to support you guys! It’s cool having Christian family over the blogosphere! And seriously, if you or Rebecca ever need to talk we’re both here. Still trying to get my mom to join the social media world, but currently it seems that your best bet is email. πŸ˜‚ She’s not really into the social media thing – she just looks at my friends’ accounts through mine.

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      2. hahahaha trust me I totally understand your mom when it comes to social media. Before I started my blog my wife and I had been off of social media for like 4 years. The only thing we had was youtube accounts hahahaha. It would still be that way if I weren’t reaching out trying to spread Gods word. But I am so glad I am here now because I was able to meet some awesome people. like you, your mom, great men of God like Tom, Thomas and Justin, Ive been truly blessed with anew family :).

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