Greater things


Jesus says to Nathaniel in John 1:48-50 That He saw Nathaniel when he was alone under a fig tree. Nathaniel was amazed by this and Jesus told him that this was only the beginning.

God’s will for us is to make us greater than the way we were when we started following Him. In my relatively short life I have witnessed some amazing things from God, but still find myself down about my a current trial that I am facing. I look at the obstacle in front of me and am overwhelmed with frustration and despair. It’s as if I am sitting under a tree and the shadow it casts over me is a shadow of discouragement. This shadow in comparison to me is greater than I am, so my head hangs low. Until I realize that God is greater than I am and that this shadow casted over me though great from my perspective, is but a grain of sand to God. He who is in me is greater and His will for me is to make me greater. The miracles I’ve witnessed were only the beginning, just like Nathaniel. God has greater things for me to witness.


5 thoughts on “Greater things

  1. Julian, At church this morning the pastor preached on Joseph, stuck in prison for an offense he didn’t commit and forgotten about by Pharaoh’s ungrateful cup bearer. But God was moving throughout it all.

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    1. It truly is amazing the things that we go through. The reasons why we go through them and what I find absolutely astonishing is Gods timing. Its like well God I’m am tight roping with ice slippers I dont have much time before I slip and fall, and often times you slip you fall and God catches you the very second before you hit the ground and your just like 8-0

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  2. Hey my brother, I’m so sad to hear you are going through a tough time! Remember that no demon has authority over you unless the Lord allows it – either way you are safe โค Don't loose hope. Keep on trusting with fierce love for He is right there with you. Praying for you.

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