Who will go

“He told them: “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” (Luke 10:2).


Spreading the word is something that people often neglect. As I have stated before most of us are more worried about our well-being; Things like income, food, clothing and everything else that life necessitates. We become consumed with these things and put them before God. Often when I tell people my age, that I am married, with a child on the way, they say to me, “wow aren’t you a little young to be married with kids, and how are you going to provide?” The saddest thing is a lot of these people call themselves Christians. A lot of Christians today lack understanding of what it means to put your trust in God. Many ignore that still small voice inside of them that attempts to guide their footsteps. When God says to move and you move you will be blessed abundantly for it.

“So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

People who do not believe in God rightfully worry about these things because they do not have a provider, therefore they must become providers for themselves. With Christ, these things are added unto us if we just follow Him and seek the kingdom. I spent all of last year and this year taking big risks and steps because God said to. I made bold statements with nothing to back myself up except for my trust in God and that He was leading me. Because of this I went from not having an income whatsoever, unmarried, and confused, to being able to support myself and a stay at home mom in the matter of months. In the midst of my confusion I questioned the steps God set before me, but my doubts did not dictate my actions. I said to God I don’t know how it will get done but I know it will get done.

Trusting in God can be a struggle but we are called to do so and when we do, God always proves himself reliable. If you love someone you trust them, so why not trust God? I work in the hospital and was in school studying to become an RN, but recently had a revelation. God revealed that His will for me is not to save lives here, but to save eternal lives for Him. God called me to the field and said “do not worry, things will get scary at times but trust me, it is only scary because you do not know what I know. If you knew what I knew you would walk through the fire with a smile on your face. Do not worry, for you are in my hands, and no one who is in my hands can be plucked away.”

So what do I do, do I trust God and enter the field of souls seeking to bring as many to heaven with me as possible? Or do I trust myself, and the views of the pagans that believe I need  to waste years of my life in school in order to provide? You do not need a school, a six-figure salary, the lottery, or anything like that if you have God. The only time those things are needed is when God leads you in that direction. Jesus pulled His disciples straight from their jobs with no biblical education and for some, no real education at all and sent them out into the field to win souls for His kingdom. So don’t listen to people who tell you that you need a whole bunch of bible school, experience and whatever garbage they can come up with to steer you away from going out there and leading people to Christ RIGHT NOW. I believe it is great to have a solid biblical education, but it is not a necessity to be eligible to go out into the field and work for God.

Today when we travel to an area of the world that we have never been, we listen to a GPS. Why, Because it knows the area better than we do. Let God be your GPS through life because who better to know what you should do with your life than the giver of life? 

Hundreds of thousands of people are concerned with their career path and what it will be. Only a fraction of those people are concerned about what God wants them to be, only a fraction of those people actually listen to God, and only a fraction of those people follow the path in full. 

God needs more people spreading His word! He needs more people harvesting souls than an income for themselves. God will never lead you to a place that will lead to destruction. Trust Him and He will provide all that you need while you go out into the world and spread His word!


7 thoughts on “Who will go

    1. Brother I appreciate that. I can’t lie I love when someone can grab something I said quote it and love it. it just makes you feel like God truly is speaking through you. God bless you Justin.

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  1. Gosh, I am REALLY behind on your blogs! Sorry about that, I’ll be sure to catch up soon! 😬😬😬 So true that we need to trust that God will provide! Lately I’ve been having this fear that as I go into adulthood my friend-group will unravel, as it seems like a lot of adults don’t have many close friends. I worry somehow we’ll all drift apart and I’ll end up as a crazy cat lady. I also worry that I won’t accomplish my goals in life and that I’ll NEVER catch on to this driving thing. The stress of adulting is real. 😂 I guess I just need to keep trusting God with all of it and have faith that He’ll provide.

    Anyways great that God is calling you into ministry! And as far as the haters, God calls everyone to something different in life! They shouldn’t criticize you for marrying young if that’s what God was calling you too. Young marriage doesn’t work for everyone, but I believe that you and your wife are totally old enough/capable of handling married life!

    Anyways, that’s just my two cents, which ended up being more like thirty cents due to the length of this comment.

    This is Courtney, signing off. 😂

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    1. The amount of friends isn’t important. It is the type of friends you have that is important. I noticed the same thing about adults and wondered why. The reason is because 90 percent of the people you were friends with in high school will go off start their lives in college or someplace else and completely forget about you and vise versa. You will all begin to develop views on the world of your own and wind up separating because of the differences that develop. This doesnt happen with everyone some people actually retain those relationships and thanks to facebook people wind up staying friends for a much longer period of time. but the fact of the matter is when life and responsibility starts to come about. You realize that there isn’t enough time in the world to balance your life and keep up with all of those friends you have. So most adults have their few good friends that they keep and the rest wind up being acquaintances. Also once you have God a lot of people you once loved will turn against you. because lets face it the majority of people we are friends with in high school and college do not concern themselves with God. This of course does not pertain to everyone but this is just what I have realized. For your case you guys should all remain close because of your upbringing and your small group is already established and you are the outsiders sticking together in a secular world. Driving is like riding a bike you gotta do it to be used to it. I was a alright driver in the beginning and couldnt park for my life. but now I’m like an awesome driver 8-D just don’t verify that with my wife hahahaha. your thirty cents was much appreciated Love hearing from you sis Thank you so much for the encouragement. You is awesome hahahaha!!!!

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      1. Wow, I guess I’m not the only one who can write a long comment, lol JK. And yeah, I can see how that happens, but hopefully since my close friends share my basic beliefs it will be different. They’re kind of like a very quirky family – one of my guy friends actually promised to make me an honorary aunt! 😂 And having a bi-weekly Bible study should help keep us together too! They say those who pray together stay together, hopefully that applies to friends too! 😂🙏👊

        And driving, gosh that’s a story in itself! 😂 I’ve been driving with my mom to places to the grocery store but it’s still a tad terrifying! The other day I actually did something wrong and my mom started panicking and than I started panicking but the grace of God we both made it out alive. 😂 And ha, ha, now I’m very curious about your wife’s side of the story there. 😏

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      2. You and your friends will be just fine hahahaha. and I can write a book as a comment sometime hahaaha I legit have to stop myself after a while and just be like alright Jules thats enough. hahaha go ahead and ask her she will tell you that I’m the best driver ever… in my dreams hahaha!

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