Oh how we need you! Re-post

I have some amazing guest posts coming up and this post knocked my socks off. My sister in law is a great writer and she wrote this on her Facebook page today. When I saw it I simply said to myself ” WHAT!! THIS IS AMAZING I’VE GOT TO RE-POST THIS.” haha so here we are. ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy!!!

“No one laughs at God when their airplane starts to uncontrollably shake, no one’s laughing at God when the last sight they’ll ever see is a pair of hateful eyes… No ones laughing at God when they’re saying their goodbyes.”

Over the last few weeks I’ve thought long and hard about this question, it has been heavy on my heart. Why is it that so many deem God unnecessary in the world today? Perhaps because we are comfortable with life’s distractions and see no need for a Savior. Life’s distractions don’t foster deeper thinking, instead, I believe we have become so consumed with stuff, so much so that we don’t even think about the incredible intricacy of life itself, of our very existence. Am I just a spontaneous collection of nothingness built from nothingness and bound for nothingness? Every intricate cell in my body from my head to my toes tells a different story– pointing to the ONE who is Higher than I. We have come to accept the magnificence of every day life– “how beautiful and rare it is, to even exist.” It seems we have replaced this beauty, this complex, unfathomable beauty for normalcy. Replacing God with meaningless distractions and not even stopping to ask ourselves, “what on Earth am I doing here?” Perhaps this world just doesn’t care to know anymore. It’s as if every thing else has been placed first, and somehow we call this process of moving away from God… progress. Looking at our society today, progress is apparently a downward curve. The world is aching, let us not have to experience even more heartache before we finally realize the trajectory of our lives will only end in tragedy without God. My heart breaks at the turmoil within this nation. I pray that we as a nation will pull the wool from our eyes and realize that there is only One who can save this broken world, and His name is Jesus Christ and he reigns today, tomorrow and forever.

“The universe is a mighty big place. Encompassing all of the millions of stars in untold millions of galaxies, the universe extends for trillions and trillions of miles. The heavens declare the glory of God and show how much bigger our God is who set these stars in place. We cannot fathom the vastness of space nor can we fathom the love of God who sent his Son to die and pay the penalty for our sins.”

a Proverb about friends

To love someone is to correct them when you see them doing wrong, that way they can walk uprightly. Today a lot of Christians ignore when someone is walking down a path of destruction for the sake of “love”. When you truly love someone you care enough not to leave them the way they are. Don’t conceal your love because this world teaches you to “mind your own business.” Talk to your brothers and sisters and correct them with an understanding heart. This way they aren’t fooled by the enemies kisses.

Satan and his followers pose as angels of light and they come with promises of prosperity and well-being. In reality, Satan has fooled the world into believing that love and neglect are one in the same. An enemy watches you bleed out and die on the battlefield. This is exactly the same thing as letting someone live a sinful life. A friend will drag you to safety. It isn’t the most pleasant feeling to be dragged while suffering from a fatal wound, but boy are you glad to live once you get to safety.

I hear too often, “as long as you aren’t hurting anyoneย if it makes you happy I’m fine with it” This perspective is dangerous because the damage thatย someone’s choice will cause isn’t always immediately noticeable. Our choices have a trickling effect that alters the landscape of the future. Our offspring will have to deal with the consequences of our decisions. If we don’t correct the behavior of ourselves and our loved ones, we risk blurring the linesย between what is right and what is wrong.

So let us build one another up with true love and edifying words and help each other to know the real difference between a friend and a foe.