More of you Lord

There is only room for one on the throne of our hearts. That seat should be filled by Jesus Christ. But sometimes we find ourselves on the throne of our own hearts. When we are the forefront and focus we find ourselves at odds with Christ. We need Him to be the forefront and center in our lives, as we step down and surrender the throne to Him. We must allow Him to be our all and remove ourselves from the scene. When the focus is on Christ and not on us, our lives are put back into order. All the chaos in our lives takes a backseat to prosperity, as we glorify God by allowing Him to have complete control over our lives. Only He holds the power to transform us, and in our weakness we are made strong, for “greater is He who is in you.”


12 thoughts on “More of you Lord

  1. Good post. My thought on this is that Christ knows what is good for us and our lives. When we start to think we know better, we don’t allow Christ to guide our lives and that is when we get into trouble. On our own, we create problems for ourselves. the submission part is where many seem to have an issue, but I don’t view it from the lense of submission. I view it from the lense of total trust. Stay strong!


  2. The ego has led man to become attached to himself, hence a slave and victim of his own thinking. The ego is self-absorbing and will only lead a life of self-reward and sin. Once we rid ourselves from our ego, only then we will be in a position that would allow God to take control and direct our lives. The world’s most difficult disease to treat is the disease of “me.” Let go of thy self, and put your trust in God because God is the ONLY solution.

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    1. My man Malrony. God bless you brother for providing such amazing incite on this matter. My wife actually wrote the bulk of this, and she said you truly inspired her through what you’ve written here. Great stuff my man and thank you for finally checking out my website. With such an awesome response I’m thinking you should start writing as well. Start your own site and give up nursing in the future lol!


  3. Another awesome & inspiring post Julian !!! Loved it !!!
    I agree completely – another thought that came to mind in addition to possibly putting ourselves on the throne where Jesus should be we sometimes put ourselves or even other people in our lives – we were wired to worship & sometimes our fallen flesh worship others but Jesus HAS to be the only one – He is the way, the truth, and the life no one comes to the Father except through Him !!
    God bless you as you keep writing and living for Jesus !!!

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    1. My wife actually helped me write this one. I like that it is short and simple and packs a bit of a punch hahaha. God really moved through her as she wrote this. I added maybe 2 lines to this hahhaaha. Hope all is well with classes and stuff. keep in touch big sis!

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      1. That is awesome you two wrote it together : ) Please tell Rebekah I said she is amazing too !
        Life is good but busy … thanks for asking hope all is good w/ you & yours !
        I promise to keep in touch did Courtney give you my email address ??
        Would love to hear from you and / Rebekah anytime !! Blessed to be your sis : )

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      2. Bek was absolutely flattered by your compliments hahahaha she says thank you so much!!!!! she is usually at a lost for words and blushes hard when she is complimented hahahaha. thank you for that. also no courts didn’t give me your email address. it’d be a pleasure to have especially for some prayer requests and Playlist exchanges hahahahaha

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      3. Awwwwww please tell Rebekah she is very welcome : ) She sounds like such an amazing person – please give her a hug from her sister in Christ !! I am praying for her, Joelle, and you every day !!
        Courtney is sending you my email address write now “via Instagram” – YES !! Please email me prayer requests I would love to pray for you and your family : )
        And awesome I’d love to share music too …
        Keep Froggin it Julian : )
        My awesome brother in Christ !!
        God bless you !!

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      4. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ HAHAHAHA your email address is too cute my goodness. love it. I’m gonna make one like that just to have it. what an awesome bane. You undoubtedly are a proud mom and rightfully so!!! you’re raised yourself a great daughter. tonight is gonna be a long night I’m doing a double shift so I will give her that hug as soon as I get home. hahahaha. and I will be emailing you soon as well because my family needs A LOT of prayer hahahaha


      5. Thank you so much Julian : ) for all your kind words – I sincerely appreciate them : )
        Please share my email address with Rebekah I would love for her to email me anytime – I remember being a new mom & I would to talk to her too & definitely pray for her as well : )
        I feel like I’ve known you both for years … as crazy as that sounds LOL !!
        Glad you liked my email address I created that when Courtney was little but then as she grew up I thought about changing it but everyone had it so I couldn’t – I asked Courtney if she minded and she said no she kinda liked it – it was nostalgic LOL LOL !
        EEKS long night at the hospital – I admire you so much for working in the hospital – I know you are salt and light to those you work with and the patients. It is transparent you love God’s people. : )
        My brother I need prayer too so YES please email me and we can pray for each other
        God bless you and Rebekah : )

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      6. Beky and I both have you on speed dial trust me hahahaha and I know exactly how you feel. I feel like i’ve grown up around your family. It is almost weird that I didn’t because it feels like I should have hahahaha. It is like an episode of the Twilight zone! I will definitely email right away because You and I both need some prayer!!! The hospital taught me a lot I love helping people here and some of the stories I have are just like wow, but all in all its a pretty cool place to work. However The employees are definitely over worked, underappreciated and underpaid truly it is sad to see the effect that nurses and other staff have on patients and how hard they work in general maintaining their reputation and licences and go home with next to nothing. Contrary to popular belief there are not a lot of happy nurses. It makes me sad because The company we are working for has the money to compensate better but they just don’t :-/ and last year they spent 4.3 billion dollars just to change the name lol talk about butt heads… either way hahaha I am way off topic I will def email you right after I reply to your next comment hahahahaha


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