30 day blog challenge day 29: someone who inspires me.

I have four people who are extremely inspirational to me in my life. Lets start with the one you all know.

My wifeme and beky.jpg

There is so much that I have to say about this amazing woman that I have started a series of blogs about her. It is called she raised me and it will continue once the thirty day blog challenge is over. To view the first post click the link below:

She raised me part 1



If it wjames-editasn’t for my cousin James I wouldn’t know what it feels like to have a brother. He isΒ a male figure that I canΒ look up to. He once lived an extremely troublesome life but turned it all around entirely. He is married with kids and is completely lacking in care when it comes to financials. He isn’t rich by any means, but for some reason never worries about a dollar. He used to be a follower of Christ but has fallen away from his faith. Now with every conversation we have I spend a majority of it trying to convince him of the legitimacy of scripture and the life of Jesus Christ. He is hard headed but will definitely come around and when he does I will probably cry because it will mean he is officially my true brother. My brother in Christ! I will definitely write about him more in the future


My mommy πŸ™‚11751474_10203153657480890_4493624322759876004_n

Tomorrow’s post is dedicated completely to the wonderful woman that you see beside me. You will learn a lot more about her then so for now I will just say this,Β I spend a lot of my time getting on her nerves and joking with her. She goes above and beyond when it comes to support and I know that I can count on her no matter what. Also I think it is worth mentioning that without a shadow of a doubt I AM HER FAVORITE CHILD. haha πŸ™‚




jesus-returnsLast but not least, “There is none like You, O LORD; You are great, and great is Your name in might (Jeremiah 10:6).” My lord and savior Jesus Christ is my greatest source of inspiration. One can search high and low but no matter where you look it is impossible to find something in the dark. “Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life“” (John 8:12). I walk in light as I follow the path set forth by Jesus and amΒ honored to place my foot into His shoes that I will never be able to fill. Jesus in all of His ways, in all of His truth, throughout His life, Inspires me to follow The way, the truth and the life which He so veraciously describes Himself as being. Jesus I replace your crown of thorns with a crown of praise as I lift up my eyes to the hills from which comes my help (psalm 121:1-2 paraphrased)! I acknowledge you as the head of my life and offer you my heart as a thrown for you to sit upon. I choose the narrow road that leads to everlasting life and every step I take, every word I speak and write and all that I do is inspired by you Lord.

These are the people who inspire me! Who inspires you? leave a comment below telling me about your source of inspiration. πŸ™‚ Frog it as always family (Fully Rely On God).



8 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 29: someone who inspires me.

  1. Great post! Jesus is definitely my #1 inspiration too!

    I can relate to what you said about your cousin. When I was younger, I had three older teenage girls who I admired and looked up to, but as they got older, they fell away from their faith and/or got involved in sinful behavior. It’s really sad because they used to all have a very strong faithβ€”which is why I admired them.

    Currently, I would have to say that my mom inspires me, as well as some of my close friends. Over the summer, my mom started a Bible study and invited some of my closest friends. It’s really helped me to have a support system of fellow believers as I’ve entered into the “college-season” and I know my life would be very different without my Bible-study-buds, as well as the rest of my family and friends.

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    1. you have it made little sis when it comes to Christian living lol with a mom like that hosting bible studies for you and your friends sheesh what a support system. that friggin rocks. Idk if I could pull together a study group if I tried hahaha but I will try I will definitely try. I am sorry to hear about your cousins. it’s crazy how people get rapped up in the world and lose sight of who God is πŸ™ but hopefully we can play a part in helping them return home to Jesus πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s OK, and actually, it wasn’t my cousins, it was two girls from my church and a friend’s older sister. Sorry if I wasn’t clear before. And lol, I’m definitely blessed with the support system. You should totally start oneβ€”I mean, you want to be a pastor so it would be good practice!

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  2. Your faith is inspiring Julian! You have given me a boost this morning and I feel blessed by your blog. I’m thankful for your mother’s love and support as it has enabled you to lead others to Christ. Keep it up brother, let your light shine, for too many in this world are caught in the darkness. I will pray for James.

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    1. Woah! truly it is an honor to have been uplifting to you brother. I pray all is well with you. This here is God telling me that I am right on track as all I seek to do is strengthen the christian community. Thanks a lot brother for your comment. How is everything anyway?


      1. Life is good. I’m unbelievably busy at work and have more personal things to do than I have time. Busy is good and I am blessed to have a great job, health, family, and friend (including social media friends). I just need to find more bible time, it’s been lacking for the last few months. Stay strong.

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