30 day blog challenge day 28: Something/Someone I miss.

The Someone

I miss a few people but my mind is eased and the desire to have them close to me fades when I think about the fact that the three people were all followers of Christ and God fearing individuals. The first of the three is my aunt Volita whom we called Dita. I wrote her on day 15 of this 30 day blog challenge, significant childhood memories. The second of the three is my grandmother. I wish I would have spent more time with her before she passed away. I feel like in comparison to a lot of my other family members I didn’t have as close of a relationship with her and it makes me sad at times. Lastly I miss my great grandmother. I don’t remember her very well because she passed away while I was young but one thing I do miss is the unity she brought to my family. She solved every problem with God and made sure all of us were keeping up with the Lord. After she passed away all hell broke loose so to speak. The unity ceased, rivalries broke out and God became a bit of a distant memory.

The something

Sometimes I find myself missing the days of innocent ignorance. The days when I didn’t know about all of the troubles of this world. The days when my most difficult decision was which flavor candy I wanted to by. Today when one looks at the condition of the world it is easy to conclude that all hope is lost haha. The government is corrupt, no matter who we vote for they are all in cahoots and have the same motives. Schools have an agenda and that agenda is to poison the minds, confuse and mislead the youth under the guise of fairness, equality and truth. But if one pays attention it is easy to see the deception and that these people are all wolves in sheeps clothing. Knowing all of this worries me at times because I fear for my children and grandchildren.

But there is one thing greater than the pain the I experience when I find myself missing my loved ones. There is some one greater than all of the anxiety I get when thinking about the future of my descendants. There is one thing covering myself and my family that will not allow the duplicity of Satan to trap us within his web of confusion, lies and sin.

God is greater! Great enough to part the red sea, calm a storm and walk on raging waters. Great enough to heal the sick give sight to the blind and drive out demons. Great enough to form the universe with nothing but his words. Greater than the pain I feel when I’m hurting and the fear that overwhelms me when I worry. Greater than the the stronghold that this world has over my family. God is greater than the possibility of a negative outcome. When my chances of succeeding are slim to none God is the variable that catapults me beyond prosperity. Jesus provides peace when chaos ensues and a way when the world minimizes my options.

With confidence I look forward to the future knowing that myself and my family are all in the hands of our wonderful creator! God has the world in His hands, my relatives in His presence and my future under His provision.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10)

Do you have something or someone you miss? Leave a comment below telling me about it or them! I cant wait to hear about it 🙂

Till next time keep frogging it fam (Fully Rely On God)


12 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 28: Something/Someone I miss.

  1. Good one, Julian. I miss my Mom. She died two years ago. I was the youngest of six kids and the only boy and Mom didn’t try to hide that I was her favorite, which was embarrassing at times. It wasn’t really fair to my sisters but it was fun being the apple of her eye. I’m grateful for the Lord’s perfect love and His patience and mercy.

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    1. Thank you very much big brother Tom. I am sorry to hear about your mom passing. My mom favors me over my siblings as well. I would say it is definitely for a reason though as my sisters aren’t very nice to her. maybe your mothers favoritism came from a spiritual place because she saw God dwelling in you abundantly. She saw something special in you. Kind of like a Jacob Joseph kind of thing haha.

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      1. Thanks, Julian. My Mom was pretty blatant about favoring me and I felt that was unfair to my sisters. I don’t favor either of my son’s but if I did I’d keep it quiet. But my Dad favored my sisters so it all balanced in the end. My Mom wasn’t much of a spiritual person, at least, I didn’t think so but she came down with Alzheimer’s at the end and two months before she died we visited her in Florida and she quoted us Psalm 23 perfectly so the Lord was on her mind.

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      2. Oh that is just beautiful. What a way for God to say I am with her and reassure you. Psalm 23 is all about following the good shepherd so Hopefully she made that decision to do so. I always wondered how God deals with people who develop mental illnesses. My great grandmother had alzheimers before she passed but was a pastor during her life. she always knew who the Lord was even if she couldnt remember her own children she knew God. isn’t that just amazing How God can do that? I’m sure your mother is resting in paradise 🙂

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      3. Thanks, Julian. My wife was with me at the time my mother recited the Psalm. It must have been a funny sight because both our jaws dropped to the floor. Yes, we both took that as a sign from God. Right, my mother didn’t know who I was anymore, either.

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      4. Wonderful, That definitely eases my heart I pray you continue to hold on to that! Yeah it can be tough when the person that raised you no longer knows you. But thankfully she knew the Lord and when you two meet in heaven she will definitely remember you and every other good thing from her life here.

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  2. Hey, my brother is back in the blogging world!😂🙌 Glad to see you’re no longer slacking on your writing, JK.

    That’s awesome that your family members were Christians when they passed, now you know you’ll get to see them again someday!

    And goodness, I hear you about the world. I was all excited to vote for the first time and than this whole train wreck of an election happened.😬 Also concerned about future generations—I have seven cousins who are younger than me and I can only imagine what the youngest ones will see in their lifetime.😞

    Out of curiosity, have you and your wife thought about schooling options for your baby yet?

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    1. hahahahaha yeah I took a little bit of time to study and focus on the word, I also got deep into apologetics and stuff hahaha. I think God had me do that in order to set my mind in motion properly or something because I absolutely could not think. writers block was plaguing me heavily hahaha. but I’m so happy to see that I was missed hahahaha. I am very happy to know that my family was in deed saved and I know they are patiently awaiting my arrival as I trudge through this life with the Lord. Girl forget about it this election is weird to say the least, it’s more like voting for which celebrity you hate the least. but prayer and guidance will lead you to a proper decision. if there is one hahahaha. My wife and I are going to homeschool our precious little ones. 😆😆😆

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      1. Definitely—weird is putting it mildly. 😂😂 And your analogy definitely fits! That’s cool that you and your wife are going to homeschool. Little-known-fact—I actually was homeschooled! I just don’t talk about it much on the internet because I feel like it will conjure up images of a strange kid in her room with lots of homework and no socialization, LOL! That’s far from the truth though, any weirdness I have has nothing to do with being homeschooled. 😜 If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or my mom! I was in classes three days a week and I basically had sort of a Christian-school-type-of-experience. I really liked it and made some really great friends in my classes. I would recommend it when your kid (Daughter, I think you said?) gets older. Goodness, I’m reading this and realizing that I’ve officially turned into the nosey aunt giving random parenting advice…whoops! 😂

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      2. All advice is greatly appreciated lol never hesitate to shed light on something. that is so awesome that you were home schooled I will definitely ask loads of questions to the both of you haha I’m glad we have someone to talk to about that. woohoo. it is so annoying that people have that notion about homeschooled kids. it literally has nothing to do with their actual perspective it is all a matter of ignorance and what they heard someone else say

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