Rich for a reason. Re-blog

If you aren’t already following this amazing blogger you aught to be because post after post he delivers. He delivers a great message, tells a great story, explains biblical texts, and flat out preaches. Check out this post and give him a follow it is so worth it!


How rich are you?


5 thoughts on “Rich for a reason. Re-blog

  1. Julian, This video features a photo of Mother Teresa at the :27 mark. She did a lot of work for the poor like many other people have, but the gospel she followed wasn’t the Gospel of salvation by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Unfortunately, many evangelicals just go with the ecumenical flow these days.

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    1. I did not notice the photo of mother Teresa. thank you for pointing that out. I mostly reblogged this for the written message not the video. do you think it would be best to take the post down?

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      1. Hey Julian, I don’t want to be the “blog police,” pointing out every little thing I disagree with. No, leave it up. Thanks for asking me though. It just saddens me, as an ex-Catholic who accepted Jesus and the genuine Gospel of grace through faith, that many evangelical pastors and para-church leaders embrace Catholics like Mother Teresa as Christians. I’ve sent information to BJ-River Walk in the past but they evidently don’t have a problem with it.

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      2. Brother I would never think of your gesture as you being the blog police lol. I am just extremely cautious as to what I post and thought seeking your advice as an ex-catholic was best. I appreciate you pointing that out and I will delete the video and leave the post. it seems as though BJ Riverwalk doesn’t respond much at all to comments. I noticed this a while ago and it is the reason for why I don’t leave comments. Thank you very much for the heads up and enlightenment. feel free to point out anything you disagree with in my posts. I seek to write about truth not what sounds nice and correction is necessary for that

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