Yes a squirrel ladies and gentleman! I know it isn’t the most ferocious or powerful animal but whenever I see these little critters around my neighborhood my heart drops.

Growing up I absolutely loved lions! This partially had to do with the fact that my zodiac sign is a Leo. I eventually stopped paying attention to all of the zodiac stuff and when I did I had a new appreciation for lions because of Jesus.index_24

Jesus is said to be the lion of the tribe of Judah in scripture.

Revelation 5:5

Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

The world ain’t big enough for two lions! It’s either me or you Jesus.



Ssuper-dmn3-squirrel-sm-1o I will humbly step down and serve as a squirrel lol. Save the king of the jungle for the King of kings and just be a simple wanderer of the earth in search of the acorn that I buried. I would like to be a smart squirrel though, like a genius among’st squirrels, almost like a super squirrel.

Squirrels also remind me of myself, I was always a fast and hyper young lad that loved to play around. I like to think of the acorns as God’s will for me and the searching, gathering, burying and resurfacing represents me diligently seeking the will of God, collecting blessings and wisdom, storing as much of what I learn in my noggin and using those jewels later on in life for myself and others.


So what animal is your favorite and why? If it differs from your favorite, what animal would you be and why? Leave a comment below and let me know hahaha.

Keep frogging it family, or in this case keep squirreling it hahahaha!

Squirreling it with God

6 thoughts on “30 day blogging challenge day 25: If I were an animal what would I be?

  1. I think being an eagle would be fun, flying as high as 10,ooo to 15,000 feet with speeds up to 200 MPH, and all the other birds pretty much leave you alone. Eating raw flesh would take some getting used to. The Lord has designed some incredible creatures!

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    1. ROFL HAHAHAHAHA that’s an awesome choice brother. Flying is like legit something that everyone wants to do at some point in their life or another. I wonder if we will be able to fly in heaven. 200 MPH wow that is really fast sheesh. it is amazing that their bodies are able to withstand the friction from going thagt fast. God truly is glorious!

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      1. Yes! An eagle spotting a small rabbit from a mile up in the sky, then swooping down while navigating those changing air currents to hook up with its moving prey at precisely the right spot…that’s God!

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  2. Lol, a squirrel, that’s awesome!😂 I literally didn’t know where you were going when you went from squirrels to lions, but that was a good lesson! My favorite animal is probably a cat but my personality is probably either a beaver or a dog, because I’m a pretty hard worker and I like being around people. Although lately I’ve been feeling like a cat, wanting to take naps a lot because of college lol!😂🐱🐶

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    1. rofl 2 of my favorite cartoons growing up were angry beavers and catdog hahahahaha you hit the nail right on the head! lol you reveal slowly just how related we are in 90s kids shows hahahahahaha. A beaver is awesome to relate yourself to my wife loves them. I’ve never gotten to see one before though which stinks. cats and dogs are an awesome comparison hahaha what kind of dog s do you like? and do you have a cat?


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