30 day blog challenge day 23. Where I would like to visit!



I would love to visit a land where even the moss on the water serves a healthy purpose, where the trees bring forth fruit that are life giving, Where a glorious light shines through fluffy clouds and a reflection of its magnificent can be seen in the waters. A land where the only trouble is not being able to stay awake to enjoy its splendor.  A land that is so sacred only a being with a pure mind, body and spirit can inhabit it. I wish to visit the Garden of Eden.

I know that as of right now I can not visit it as there is no geographical location known to man of where it could be, but it is the only place that I truly want to visit to gaze upon its beauty. The garden is said to have been destroyed in the flood, but if I could just stand in the place that once was, that would be gratifying enough for now.

Honestly there is no place that I desire to live other than where I am right now. I can thankfully say I am beyond happy with where I live, it is who I live with at the moment that can be a pain in the butt lol, but God helps my wife and I to get through. The only other place I would like to live is the place that God has planned for me. I have no idea where that is but wherever it is I will be pleased to say “God put me here and I love it” once I get there.

So what is a place that you have in mind that you would like to visit? Give me some vacation ideas for the future hahaha!

Comment below telling me some places you’ve visited, would like to visit or where your dream home would be.

Keep frogging it fam! and don’t forget to thank God for where you are right now, no matter how ugly it may be. God can turn the ugliest situations and circumstances into beauty beyond compare!


3 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 23. Where I would like to visit!

  1. Thanks, Julian. I’d like to visit Israel but I think many of the tourist sites are fabrications such the place of Jesus’s birth, His tomb, the upper room, etc. Probably the only thing still standing in Jerusalem from the days of Jesus’s ministry is the Western Wall at the temple site. But it would be cool to see Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Jordan River, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tyre, Sidon, Caesarea, Masada, etc. I’d need a month to see it all.

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    1. you’d need a month and I would need to tag along that sounds so awesome!!! what a great idea! to visit all of the places that Jesus God in the flesh once stood and taught. thanks for the idea brother hahaha

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  2. The Garden of Eden sounds like an awesome place to visit—especially pre-forbidden fruit! How awesome would it be to live in a place completely untainted by sin?

    I would also like to visit the places that Tom mentioned, but because of all of the craziness with terrorism lately, the thought of traveling outside of the U.S. kind of concerns me…especially in the middle east. Nonetheless, it would be incredible to walk in the same places Jesus walked!

    I’ve been to Tennessee, and let’s just say that was an interesting experience! I wrote about it for my blogging challenge, if you want a glimpse into the craziness that was my vacation! I haven’t really done a lot of traveling other than that…just the beach and historical areas in my home state.

    I would like to visit New York someday, pretty much solely for the cool lights, no joke. In pictures at night, the whole city looks like one giant Christmas tree! And than there’s the Statue of Liberty, one of our historical monuments!

    As far as a place to live, I’m pretty much happy in my home state. Most of my family and friends live here and I’d miss them all a lot if I lived somewhere else!


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