30 day blog challenge day 21. My favorite one true pairing.

Todays topic is a question that can be interpreted in two different ways. So I will answer both.

Interpretation 1 

If you could pick anyone in the world to be your perfect match who would it be?


My one true pairing is my amazing Bekywife. I wrote a little bit about her in a post called she raised me. I plan to make my writings about her a series because writing about her would take much more than a single post. All of the things she has taught me throughout life, The way she took a confused directionless boy and set him on a path toward Jesus and righteousness and the lessons I’ve learned concerning how to properly love a woman calls for a long long series of posts lol! She is amazing to say the least and if I could pick any woman in the world no matter time or place She would easily be the one I choose every single time. Without thought or consideration without wasting a second this extraordinary woman is the only one for me!!!!

Interpretations 2

Your favorite couple in world real or fictional.

My favorite pairing of two individuals I would have to say is the couple that I am writing about in my comic book/novel hahaha. Their names are Philip and Ann! To learn more about them you are going to have to stay tuned 😉

Do you have a perfect match from any time period? Or do you have a significant other that you just can’t imagine yourself without?

Tell me about them in the comment section, and keep frogging it my friends

(FROG – Fully Rely On God)

6 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 21. My favorite one true pairing.

  1. Your wife sounds like an amazing person-I feel like I already know her just from your posts, lol! 😄 I’d love to chat more with her online!

    My OTP is probably two characters from a book in writing. I don’t want to say too much about them on the web since the book is still in progress but they’re both great, godly people with a pretty cute relationship that helps them both grow. As for as fictional ships that didn’t come from my brain…probably Bailey and Brandon Paul from one of Karen Kingsbury’s novels or Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World.

    By the way, I love FROG, I might have to use that one of these days, lol!

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    1. hahahahahahaha Corey and Topanga 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I hated their relationship on BMW hahaha idk why I just did. but that is so funny that you chose them. I feel like the mean older brother picking on his little sister right now. haha I’m sorry

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      1. Ha ha, it’s ok. We’re brother and sisters in Christ right? So I guess that works! But Seriously??? How could you hate Cory and Topanga’s relationship-they were so Adorable!😱😱😱 They’re like the ideal couple that give the rest of us too high of standards! *mentally face-palming*

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      2. Lol we are indeed so I can be a bit of a bully and not feel bad about it now lol im kidding. but IDK why i didnt like corey and tapanga much its probably because I didnt like the show boy meets world that much either so maybe that contributes to why hahahaha Lol @ mentally face palming

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  2. In this world it is great to see a man full out love his wife – a strong man loves his wife well.

    Good job!

    Boaz and Ruth? Marcus and Hadassah from Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series? I just read it and they were great!

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  3. Boaz and Ruth were without question an amazing couple I’ve read through the book of Ruth and saw the movie and definitely loved the story! I’ve never heard of the mark of the lion series that sounds interesting. What are those books about?

    “In this world it is great to see a man full out love his wife – a strong man loves his wife well.

    Good job!”

    Thank you very much brother! lol I honestly can’t thank you enough for that!


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