30 day blog challenge day 20. If I could invite anyone to a dinner who are the 10 people I would invite?

dinner at the round table.jpg

Guest #1

My wife


The first person I have to invite is my wife. I would be selfish to deprive her of this amazing event lol. It would be an ultimate gift to her to sit at this dinner full of great historical figures!

Guest #2



This man Is the reason for everything that I do. I look up to Him, confide in Him, rest in Him, glorify Him, praise Him, love Him, seek Him, worship Him… If you don’t get it by now my next guest would be Jesus. There is just so much I would love to ask Him and tell Him face to face. I mean you’d have to be crazy not to want Jesus at your dinner whether you are a believer or not.

Guest #3



I would love to ask Moses so many questions about all of the miracles he witnessed. I wonder all the time what it was like having to put of with the Israelites, wondering around in the wilderness for 40 years and then finally when it comes time to enter the promised land being forbidden to. Also I would love to hear what he would have to say about his experiences with God up on mount Sinai.

Guest #4



I’d have to invite Adam because I have to ask the why question. Why Adam? Why did ya have to eat the fruit when you knew good and well God said not to? Also how did it feel to be kicked out of paradise and stripped of your glory? Did the fruit taste good? What was it like living for 930 years, What is the original language and names of all the animals? hahaha I’ve got so many questions for everyone I guessΒ lol

Guest #5

John the baptistJohn the baptist.JPG

Sorry for the graphic photo but its truth what can I say. Anyone who has read the Gospels I’m sure asked the question Why in the world did you eat bugs? Seriously I wonder though, how did it feel to be John the baptist. He was such a peculiar person, between the way he dressed, what he ate and the things he did, his life was far from ordinary. How did it feel to live your life preparing the way for Jesus and not even being able to see Him fulfill all of what He came for. Especially because He was your cousin and was pretty much the same age. Were you frightened during your last moments, or did you feel glad that such a rough life was finally coming to an end and you would be able to rest in paradise soon?

Guest #6

John the Apostle

apostle john.jpg

It is believed that the Apostle John is the one who wrote the book of Revelation. I really just want to hear about the visions and how they made John feel. I would also like for him to explain his visions in great detail while my next guest is in the room.

Guest #7

Joseph the son of Jacob


Joseph had prophetic dreams and interpreted other peoples dreams so hopefully he would be able to tell me exactly what all of the revelations meant, symbolized and represented. Also he has such an amazing story. Being sold into slavery by his siblings, being accused of getting a little too close to Potifar’s wife, thus going from a slave to prisoner, interpreting a fortunate dream for someone and asking him to remember you only to be forgotten for a while, finally being released from prison and becoming second in command next to pharaoh helping all of Egypt and your family etc… There’s so much to talk about hahaha. This dinner would have to last like forever.

Guest #8

King David


King David, the man after God’s own heart. There is so much to learn from this gentleman. His bravery and skills as a warrior came strictly from his confidence that the God that he worshiped would make him prosperous. We are all warriors like David, just not on a physical battlefield. We are spiritual warriors and we do our fighting with prayer. I would love to learn from David. To be considered a man after God’s own heart is a prestigious title. I’d rather be that than the president or king of any land here on earth.

Guest #9

The apostle Peter


The apostle Peter was probably the closest to Jesus of all the disciples. I wrote about him in a post called doubtΒ . It would be amazing learning about what it was like witnessing God in the flesh. I would also love to ask why it was so hard for him to have faith in certain instances.

Guest #10



I would love to invite Elijah to the dinner because there is so much to learn from such a powerful prophet. It would be amazing if he could take me back to the moment he was brought to heaven. Sheesh, I just realized that Elijah and Enoch are the oldest humans of all time hahaha.

Clearly this dinner would be simply for me to ask an infinite amount of questions lol. I would love to listen and learn from such great people and having my wife beside me experiencing it all would make it that much better!!!

How about you though? If you could invite 10 people to a dinner historical, current futuristic or fictional who would it be?

Leave a comment below listing the people you’d invite and why πŸ™‚ Lets chat about this lol


14 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 20. If I could invite anyone to a dinner who are the 10 people I would invite?

  1. Thanks for the idea, Julian! Here’s my list: Jesus, my wife, my son Joe, my son Steve (neither of my sons know the Lord), Paul and Peter, Moses, David, Abraham (all for obvious reasons) and Ruth, one of my favorite OT people.

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    1. I definitely will keep your sons in my prayers. Hopefully in due time they will come to serve the Lord. It can be so hard picking just 10 people to chat with hahaha there are so many interesting people incorporated in God’s word! your list is awesome though I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the midst of your dinner.

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      1. Thanks so much, Julian! I have to admit, if Jesus was sitting with me at the table I’d be sobbing for joy like a teenage girl and wouldn’t be able to get a word out for a looooooong time.

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      2. we would all definitely be like new born babies after getting out bottoms tapped if we were in the presence of Jesus. It is only right to assume that the questioning comes long after the sobbing is over lol!!!

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  2. Possible conversation topics – Peter what were you thinking when God “shushed” you from heaven at the Transfiguration? Abraham seriously she is your sister? 😝

    We do a dinner party list in our house with living people only also that is always fun.

    So my list – Jesus, Paul, Lazarus, Mary and Martha (They were buddies of Jesus), Daniel, Mary Magdalene and Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen cause boy would that be wonderfully awkward.

    Any list with Jesus on it would likely just involve no one else speaking all night – Just Jesus talking.πŸ™Œ

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    1. Rofl There are so many questions to ask all of the people we invite its like how do you even start lol. Thats awesome that you do that in your house Who are some of the people you invite to your dinners that are alive? Lol Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen and the wonderfully awkwardness is something IP would have to witness myself!!!! I can imagine it now

      Joel Osteen: Jesus let me explain πŸ˜€


  3. Those are some awesome people! Let’s see, who would I invite…
    I’m going to have to say
    1. Jesus (that would be so cool and I would ask so many questions)
    2. & 3. my parents
    4. My best friend Alex (I can’t leave my parents and best friend out of this awesome dinner!)
    5. The apostle Peter (I’ve always found him interesting)
    6. The apostle Paul (His story is incredible)
    7. Britt Nicole (Hey, I’m still fairly young-there’s got to be a famous person in here somewhere!)
    8. Tim Tebow (He seems like such a cool person-I have a lot of respect for him!)
    9. Karen Kingsbury (She’s pretty much accomplished all of my future goals and I’d love to get her advice!)
    Emily P. Freeman (Just by her books I can tell we would have a lot in common!)

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    1. I’ve never heard of Britt Nicole hahaha who is she? your gonna Def have to write about your best friend that’d be super interesting to read. Jesus remains the most wanted guest here hahaha I’m not surprised I mean the man is God after all hahahahaha but Tim Tebow I mean really? hahahahahaha of all the people in the world Tim Tebow. it’s definitely not because he’s “a cool person” your down playing that. you definitely have a little celeb crush on him hahahaha 😝😜😝 lol jk

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      1. You’ve never heard of Britt Nicole?! 😱 She’s been my favorite Christian pop singer since I was fourteen-I know all of her songs! *breaks into chorus of Gold*

        And yeah, that could be cool! I’ve been trying to get my best friend Alex to join the blogging world since forever! So far she’s only written one post. You can find it on aschulting if you want to read it!

        And Tim Tebow…haha…😳😳😳 *hides behind nearest object and covers face*

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      2. I’ve never heard of her but I will definitely check her music out. I have a huge fan of Kari Jobe and Moriah Peters though hahaha. Ill check your friend out too is her name aschulting?

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      3. Awesome, I haven’t heard much of their music but I’m familiar with the names! I’ll have to look them up! And her name is Alex but her blog’s name is aschulting. It’s on WordPress, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

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  4. 1. Jesus – to ask many questions. The first being why does He claim to love us all yet chooses only some for salvation according to Romans Chapter 9.
    2. The son of the Pharaoh that died when God killed all of the firstborn in Egypt when he had nothing to do with God hardening his dad’s heart and if he went to heaven or hell.
    3. Jephthah’s daughter – to ask her how it was when she was sacrificed as a burnt offering to Yahweh to assure victory in a battle for her dad.
    4. 1 of Lot’s daughters – to ask her what she thought of her dad offering her up for a gang rape instead of two strangers he’d just met and mentioning that she and her sister were virgins as incentive to pick them.
    5. Achan from Joshua Chapter 7 – to ask him how he felt as Israel burned and stoned him and his sons and daughters along with everything he owned, including his animals.
    6. 1 of the 30 men randomly killed by Samson when God’s Spirit came over him to assist him in killing the 30 men to steal their garments to pay his lost bet.
    7. Noah – to ask him if he could hear the screams of everyone left outside of the Ark when God regretted creating us and then deciding to kill us all but him and his family.
    8. Jacob – (Genesis 27) to ask him how he not only tricked Isaac but God into giving him Isaac’s blessing and all by putting goat’s hair on his arms and neck and wearing his brother’s clothes.
    9. King David – to ask him why he thinks God punished his son with death for his sin of committing adultery with Bathsheba and having her husband killed when God said that the son shall not bear the father’s sin.
    10. The Levite’s concubine (Judges 20) – to ask her what she thought of her husband allowing her to be raped to death and then cutting her into twelve pieces so that Israel could “take vengeance” for the act that he allowed.


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