30 day blog challenge day 17. How my school life has been so far

walking to school


It was everything I hated about life, Waking up early, having to go to bed early, learning about boring subjects, being around strange cruel people, no phones, no hats, no freedom. School felt like kid prison, but only for 7-8 hours. Everything about was horrible to me.

As I have said in previous posts I wasn’t the most popular kid in school growing up. Thankfully this would  turn out to be a blessing. As a child it made me feel like a loser, but as I got older I realized the smaller your circle of friends the less drama you have in your life.

Once I got to college, school became a lot more pleasant because with college you get freedom, you get independence, you can wear hats, use your phones and go to the bathroom without a pass lol.

But all jokes aside I enjoyed college a lot in my first semester. When I got to my second and third semester things changed and it was a steady moral decline from there. I began to see that the world around me is much darker and different than the little world I’m used to living in. I realized in the real world a lot of people don’t believe in God and actually despise the idea of a God.

I went to school for nursing so I took a lot of science based classes. A number of my science professors would teach as though science has it all figured out and would take jabs at religion. This combined with the fact that the profession I am entering into is underpaid and overworked made me rethink college all together. Basically to be a nurse I’d have to get my bachelors degree and spend several years of my life working to pay off student loans. Needless to say as time went on I lost more and more interest in school and the nursing field.

With that being said my new goal is to attend a theology school learn more about God and His word and become an evangelist. This should give me a whole new feel of what school is like.


15 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 17. How my school life has been so far

  1. Theology school, that’s really neat! So does this mean you’re going to be “Pastor Julian”? Lol!

    I also wasn’t one of the popular kids in school, but I agree that it saved me a lot of drama. I saw some of the stuff my classmates dealt with and I was like “Yeah, I don’t need that.” Lol!

    This post actually came at a very appropriate time, as today was my first day of college! Overall it went pretty well, but it was a little weird being in a non-Christian environment. I overheard one guy talking about natural selection and I was like “OK, not in Christian subculture anymore!” Nothing was too crazy though. I was literally worried I’d have a God’s Not Dead situation on my hands, but I didn’t, so that was good.👍🏻

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    1. my goodness yayy 1st day of college?!? and my goodness I know it was my first time being around avid non believers when I started college as well. what’s your major? and hahaha I had a God’s not dead kind of moment in my third semester with a professor that kept jabbing at religion but at the time I wasn’t brave enough to take a stand. I wish I could take that professor all over again with what I know now.

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      1. Communications/journalism. And wow, that must be rough. I haven’t really had any of those moments yet, but I was literally anticipating the worst after seeing that movie. Thankfully so far everything is going pretty well. I think my Public Speaking professor may even be a Christian. He warned everyone not to forget homework “Because if we do he’ll give a lecture and none of God’s children want that!” LOL! I was suprised that he said “God” in a secular school but I was also very happy about it! 😂👏😄🙌

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      2. Hahahaha it sounds like you got off to a great start. I pray that your college experience is a wonderful prosperous one! and hahahaha how awesome it is to have a professor that is a believer that is absolutely encouraging!!! hahaha your gonna have to right all about your college experiences!

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  2. Pastor Julian – I think you would be an awesome pastor !!
    ( long time no talk : )
    I started teaching again last week LOVE it but super busy !!
    I am so excited for you to become a pastor – I believe God has equipped you with the gifts to share the Gospel – how exciting !!
    I will be praying for you as you seek this new venture
    God’s blessings to you and Rebekah : )

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    1. haha i sincerely hope I turn out to be an awesome pastor!!! but with Gods guidance as long as I stay humble and keep His will as my number one priority it will remain an achievable goal to say the least. my goodness thats so awesome haha those lucky students. they get to learn so many valuable things they truly have no idea how good they have it. My high school didnt even have an apologetics or theology based option for a class! thank you very much your prayers are greatly appreciated. please know that every prayer you pray is reciprocated 🙂


      1. Please forgive me for taking so long to reply with school starting back I have not checked WordPress … so happy to see this message from you ~ I am praying & praising God for what He is orchestrating now for you ~ praising Him for all the lives you will impact, Pastor Julian and for your passion to follow the path He has for you.
        God has equipped you with so many gifts and I see them it is transparent those gifts are part of His plan for you to Pastor and lead others : ) I’m so excited for you !
        Awwww I am humbled that God is using me to teach / His vessel in the lives of so many teens. Words cannot begin to express the joy I feel when I am teaching : )
        and helping others grow in their faith through knowledge, wisdom, and discernment. I went to a public school so God was not even mentioned let alone a Theology or Apologetics Class : )
        A very BIG Thank you SO much to you and Rebekah for your prayers … I am praying for you both as well – when is the baby due? I look forward to seeing the pictures on Instagram – I have to log on to Courtney’s LOL I don’t have my own LOL : )
        God bless you my brother in Christ ~ so glad you are my family !!

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      2. It is always great hearing from you! No need to ask for forgiveness as I don’t see you being busy a form of trespassing against me lol! With all that goes on around the hospital I’m surprised I even have time to do what I do on here. As you can see it is taking me 3 months to finish a 30 day blog challenge LOL. Our beautiful baby girl is due December 24th 😀 and I am all to excited to meet her. Rebekah and I are reading bible stories to her already hahaha. and you are welcome prayer is the least we can do for family! Also you should get yourself an instagram and post cool pictures of your classes and lecture boards and stuff haha if you ever have the time. I’m sneaking my way into your apologetics classes. Also thank you very much for the prayers for my journey, it is going to be a long road for me so I will definitely need them hahaha!!!!!!!

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      3. Thank you I miss commenting & reading everyone’s blogs … Right now I am on my elliptical working out & replying /reading – yes trying to multi task lol lol I just need a few more hours each day lol lol .. Wow Dec 24 Christmas Eve now I will definitely remember that and you three will be in my thoughts abs prayers : )
        Awwww you are so encouraging you would never have to sneak into my Apologetics Class I would hold the door wide open for you – after all you are family : ) in Christ
        I am praising the Lord for all the ways He is orchestrating everything for you and your like praising Him for the day you give your first sermon and all the days after that : )
        God bless you always : )

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      4. your comments and views are missed hahahaha!!! hahaha alright kudos for staying in shape!!! it’s so funny because there is a typo below where it says you will keep us 3 in your thoughts abs prayers hahahaha. it’s funny that your doing that though my wife and I started stretching together every morning now and working to maintain good health.
        encouragement is the name of the game haha it’s what we are here for your such a soldier for Christ if your flame were to die out it would be a tragedy because you’ve got great work!
        lol due to geographical location and my age idk if I’d be able to get into the apologetics class 😂😂😂
        my family is grateful for for your prayers you have no idea!!! hahahaha keep multitasking if it means you’ll be active on here hahahaha!!!


      5. Thank you so much Julian : )
        I am going to submit my next Apologetics Blog soon : )
        My husband always said the key to life is balancing everything ~ it’s easier said than done lol … You and your family are on the top of my prayer list – I can’t wait to see your precious daughter : ) Having Courtney my life has NOT been the same ~ such a blessing – you and Rebekah will be awesome parents – so excited for you : ) both !!

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      6. eagerly awaiting the apologetics blog hahahaha and your husband is definitely right and it definitely is difficult hahahaha. thank you so much for prioritizing us it’s a blessing to have so much love!!!


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