30 day blog challenge day 11. how I feel about making friends over the internet


How do I feel about making friends online?

By the grace of God I was actually able to find some pretty awesome people on this website that I would love to meet in person and have like a study group with or something hahaha.

Making friends online can be bittersweet though. I’ve come across some great people like savedbygrace2009 , rawdiscipleblog , 1timothy412girl , and songofvirginity who all have amazing personalities and blogs. But at times you will come across people online that don’t really care about people. They either are looking to draw attention to themselves or become some sort of famous. That aspect of making friends online stinks, but the four that I mentioned made this whole experience mean the world to me.

But ultimately my goal here is not to make friends, I don’t really care about friends. My aim Is to spread the word of God and grow a family! Jesus said, “For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother (Matthew 12:50).” So if you truly have a heart for God don’t consider me your friend, consider me your brother or a son (if you’re old enough). I don’t know if you should consider me a father though, if your old enough to write a blog then I’m not old enough to be your dad hahaha.

All in all I hope to meet a lot more people here and everywhere and develop a family the size of a continent or larger.

If you are reading this right now tell me how you feel about meeting people online? Share an experience that you’ve had online that was like a make it or break it moment. I’m interested to see what kind of experiences other people had or if my experiences are mine alone hahaha.


17 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 11. how I feel about making friends over the internet

  1. Sometimes talking to total strangers from all parts of world is what brings you peace and connect more to inner core as they dont judge you. You can recreate yourself in their eyes as they dont know anything about us. I loved this site more than all others. Madm many friends and feeling good. 🙂

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    1. Yeah isn’t it crazy how you can have blood relatives that you’ve spent your whole life around and that wont understand you in a million years but you can speak to a total stranger and connect right away? It’s a beautiful thing what Jesus said in Matthew 12:50. Thank God our family isn’t limited to the one we were birthed into.

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  2. Aw, thanks Julian! I’ve enjoyed following your blog and getting to meet a fellow big brother in Christ! Ironically, I just guest-posted about this very topic over at a blog called The Recovering Legalist. I have also had some very positive experiences, and seriously wish that I could invite all of my blogger friends over for one giant meal to discuss our faith and life stories in person! The Christian-blogging area of WordPress is amazing and has seriously been a blessing!

    If you’re looking for some new siblings in Christ to meet and connect with, I’d highly recommend following Dainty M., Fearfully Wonderfully Me, The Dream, afcrocks99, Passion and Pixels, Sapphire Life Writer, and Papberry! They’re all awesome people with a lot of interesting things to say! I always love connecting with fellow believers, so I thought it might be helpful to mention them!

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    1. hahahaha I like that big brother in Christ hahaha, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to gather together though haha maybe someday when we all have the funds hahaha and yes the Christian blogging portion certainly is amazing I’m glad my wife recommended wordpress for me because I was using medium before and there are like no Christian bloggers on there it is like a barren wasteland and it was impossible to develop any kind of following or anything there because everyone was posting about secular mainstream stuff. thank you so much for the recommendations I’m heading over to check out all of their stuff now. Your the bomb little rugrat sis!

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  3. Courtney took the words out of my mouth LOL “Aw, thanks Julian”
    The feeling is mutual ~ I had no idea how much I could or would connect with people by blogging. I am amazed and I have been blessed beyond measure by you, your wife, and so many others online. I follow the same people Courtney does .. coincidence … NOT !!! LOL LOL Courtney just told everyone her mom is now blogging and they graciously started following me and vice versa.
    After I read this blog, I was talking to Courtney. Hopefully Courtney doesn’t mind me sharing LOL Anyway she was saying how she actually connects on a deeper level with her blogging friends than some people she sees face to face all the time. I came up with a hypothesis … 1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”
    I believe Samuel was looking at outer appearances and deciding based on their physical attributes if they were fit to be king … he was looking for a king to take Saul’s place but I believe there is a similarity here –
    I think when we meet people face to face we sometimes think” hmmm I doubt I have anything in common with that person” based on age, gender, their occupation … etc. However when we blog and comment – we are NOT looking at the person rather looking at their heart … Hemingway said, “Anyone can write all you have to do is sit at a typewriter and bleed” and I believe that is what we do when we blog – we pour out our heart and true feelings without holding back.
    Courtney said she is probably one of the youngest in the group of bloggers she communicates with but she connects with her heart not as society connects us or groups us together … I believe this is what the Lord meant and this is how the Lord sees us – he looks at our heart 😊❤️ !!!
    Last but not least I am grateful and thankful for the awesome people the Lord has placed before me online – I am meeting my brothers and sisters in Christ that I would NEVER meet until I was in heaven right here right now …
    Can you say divine appointment LOL LOL LOL : )
    This was a great blog and topic !! God bless you as you keep writing for Him and for His glory !!

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    1. My mother and I are having a really hard time with relatives right now and I wish she could witness the love and support that I am being exposed to, because truly it is uplifting. I 100% agree with the point you made about judging based off of appearance, I was actually having a conversation with my wife about that the other day. I definitely try to wear my heart on my sleeve and clothe my writing with all of me. I try my best to be as real as I can be so when people read my posts they don’t get a “oh this is one of those I can do no wrong Christians” and hahaha Courtney has some great people listed for me to follow and I will be getting right on that today. My computer at home broke so I couldn’t do it yesterday lol God bless you sister thank you so much for all of your comments and support and prayers and help!!!! hahaha


      1. Julian, I am so sorry to hear your mom is having a difficult time w/ relatives. That breaks my heart. I added her to prayer list and will be praying for her too !
        People do judge by appearance and I feel like people today are definitely more separated by politics, religion, race, gender, etc… I was a teen in the late 80’s and I can honestly say the majority of the people did not judge based on the things they do today – Courtney says she feels like history is repeating itself and not the good times in history the time of discrimination. I teach Sociology and discrimination is on the rise …
        the sad thing is appears that brothers and sisters in Christ are guilty of this too – Jesus loved everyone and commands us to do the same ~ if we love Jesus how can we not love the one thing made in the image of God ~
        I feel like Christians are known for what they’re against not what they’re for …
        Your wife’s post on Love was awesome because if you know God then you know Love because God is love and we are to emulate and love like Him.
        Courtney has been blessed with some amazing bloggers who are also brothers and sisters in Christ. You will love Dainty M and D”Dream … I read their blogs faithfully !!
        Sorry your computer broke – I hope you can get it fixed soon !!
        God bless you my brother for being a true Christian who emulates Jesus with his life !! I admire and commend you immensely

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      2. “I feel like Christians are known for what they’re against not what they’re for …” So So true! couldn’t have said it better myself and I couldn’t agree more. We’re getting the family issues its crazy how selfish people can be, even with their family! but nevertheless God will bring us through! especially with the prayers of my new found family online hahaha

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      3. Yes I absolutely love what she did with the blog challenge she did such a great Job I knew she would incorporate all of the things I had in mind without even consulting with me. She is truly wonderful and a great writer I love her stuff. and I checked out dainty M I loved her material and started following. D dream is next on the list for me to check out. haha and we will get a new one soon im sure haha lap tops are only built to last a couple of years anyway. the Lenovo we used lasted us 5 or 6 years so I’m thankful for that. It served us well hahaha. and God bless you as well. I see true faith and a real heart from God in you!


    1. Hahaha WWJD is all a Christian is supposed to be. never mind religeous tradition focus on the ways of Jesus and you make the perfect follower of Christ. I literally live by What would Jesus do hahahaha!


  4. Thanks Julian. Song of Virginity looks forward to posting your guest post ❤
    I have met a couple of amazing friends on the blogs I write, you included. A few who had the thought they were sent to teach me (trust me, they were not) and 1 whom I simply can't communicate with.
    I'm so glad I can call you brother!

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  5. hahahahahaha that is so funny. people came to you with a belief that they were sent to teach you? you communication is key and the keys to communication are being quick to hear and slow to speak. haha some people just looooove to talk and HATE to listen. Thank you so much again for the opportunity I had a great time writing for you. I can’t wait to read what you have come up with for me as well. and you’ve been a great sister in Christ I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes us in the future


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