30 day blog challenge day 9: A letter to my childhood

Dear little Julian

Hey young man, I know right now your probably thinking life isn’t very fair. You’re not the tallest or strongest person in the world, you aren’t the most popular person and you definitely don’t fit in, but you will realize as you grow older that all of those things were essential in order to set you apart from this world. God has something special planned for you and in order to get started in the direction He has planned for you, you have to be different. If you were taller, stronger, or popular you would fall right into the cares of this world. you would be treated special so you wouldn’t have the same motives. You are a special boy, a gifted boy and you have  perspective. Don’t let anyone lead you astray! you know right from wrong so listen to your conscience. God speaks to you through that. Understand that mistakes are a part of life, because you are going to make a lot of them, but God does not see you for all you’ve done wrong that is an idea that Satin plants in our heads. God sees you for all that you are capable of, He sees you for all that you can and will do to bring glory to His kingdom. God wants to share Heaven with you, He wants you to worry about eternal riches not the riches of this world that will eventually pass away. Lastly don’t worry about screwing up, take risks with God. Trust Him to bring you through. You’ve got to be bold enough to do the impossible, so when you achieve that goal everyone will know it was only possible because of God. With faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains (Matthew 17:20). You are chosen and if God is for you who can be against you (Romans 8:30). When it gets tough keep your eyes focused on God and never fear man or obstacle because you are valuable to God (Matthew 10:29-41). Your such a good boy young Julian, but you are going to be an amazing man!


12 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge day 9: A letter to my childhood

  1. Awwwwww what an awesome Dear Younger Me letter – I actually had my AP English Class write an essay asking them if you could tell your younger self all the things that would happen to them – would you? Most of them said no because all the mistakes made them the person they are today ! Funny, it’s almost like the old saying “you can’t know good, if you don’t know bad”
    I often wish I could go back and erase parts of my life but I would not be me … those are the things God uses to mold us I believe.
    By the way you will make a great daddy – save this and share this with your little one someday !!
    God bless you always – I love the way you write from your heart and connect with others through written word – definitely a gift from God – keep using it for His Glory !!
    PS There is a song by MercyMe called Dear Younger Me – you need to look it up and listen to it – make sure to read the lyrics too – I think you will really like it !!!

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    1. Absolutely loved the song, I am adding that to my playlist for sure. I especially loved when he said Its not your fault you weren’t meant to carry your burden beyond the cross. That line was beautiful! You know what’s funny is as I was writing this one I asked myself that very same question. Would I want to tell myself how to avoid all of the mistakes I made. My answer was no but not because I felt like I needed to know the bad in order to know the good. I feel like it is the experience itself that shapes and molds us. In order to really have an understanding of something you have to go through something. My mother always said to me ” JuJu make sure you never change always stay this loving little boy that you are.” As weird as it sounds I feel like in order to be the “good” boy my mom wanted me to be I had to do some bad things to understand the depth of my choices in life. You’ve opened my eyes to 2 spiritual gifts now, encouraging and speaking from the heart to relate to people. those are two things that mean a lot to me because That is the very foundation of what I want my career to be. encouraging people to pursue Christ by using my life’s experiences! Please keep these comments rolling in they are extremely helpful!

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      1. YAY !!! So glad you loved the song … the lyrics are awesome totally agree !! When I read your post the song popped into my head immediately. I am glad it spoke to you too.
        I love when songs speak to me – there’s a song that one of my student’s shared with me last year and I love it – I think you will really like it – it’s called Start Over by Flame and NF (you have got to listen to this one ) let me know what you think?
        I hope this works I copied the youtube link for you

        You wrote: I feel like it is the experience itself that shapes and molds us. In order to really have an understanding of something you have to go through something
        I AGREE completely : ) and your moms sounds like a very sweet mom : )
        PS If you have any songs that you love I’d love to hear them too : )
        God bless you always !

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      2. Oh goodness I have tons of songs that I could share that I just love. I cry sometimes to certain Christian songs because its like truly whoever wrote it knew just what I was going through.God definitely uses Christian artists to help His people get through. “you can either carry the past on your shoulders or you can start over” that line definitely speaks directly to my roughest struggle. hahaha thank you for another song to add to my playlist hahahaha. One of my favorite songs right now is worth it all by the brooklyn tabernacle choir https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU-z0JLINNE.

        My mom is the greatest I will definitely write a blog about her someday. She raised 3 of us all by herself she worked a lot but still managed to make sure that we knew that she loved us a lot. she showered us with love throughout the years. so whenever I talk about bad influences shes definitely always excluded. hahaha but Definitely check out the song I showed you and let me know what you think. πŸ™‚


      3. LOVED the song – my favorite part isOften we don’t understand
        The trouble in this life
        Though we trust His perfect plan,
        Those are words to live by –
        I think it would be awesome for you to write a blog about your mom – she sounds amazing ! I will be praying for God bless her too !! I’d love to hear more about her in you blog !!
        God’s bless you always !

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      4. Yes my blog will eventually definitely encompass a post about my wonderful mother. I might have to make that one a series though. there isn’t enough space in one post and readers definitely would not have the attention span to read all of the things I have to say about my mom hahaha. Her and my wife are 2 of the most amazing women ever. and I’ve got so many songs I could share hahaha We will have to exchange playlists sometime hahahaa!!!lol


      5. Your mom and wife sound like Proverbs 31 women – I am excited to hear more about your mom ~ she sounds so wonderful and she will be an awesome grandma very soon
        God’s blessings : )
        PS I would love to exchange playlists !

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      6. Awwwww be sure to tell them that too – knowing you I am sure you do !! I can’t wait to read the blog about your mom !!! Hey if you write it before Christmas you could give her a copy as a gift … from what you said it might be a book : )
        As for songs … YAY Awesome I love to share songs … thank you so much !!
        I am going to go check this one out now !
        God bless

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