30 day blog challenge. Day 6 how I came across wordpress

Haha today is actually my birthday so happy birthday me :-D!!!

Today’s post is about how I came across WordPress and how my life has changed since joining.

Well my wonderful wife has a WordPress called everchanginginchristjesus. I will post a link to it later because I’m doing these blogs from my phone now because I am on vacation with my wonderful wife and her awesome family. I love these people I’ll write about them later hahaha. But anyway my wife introduced me to WordPress and told me I should post things

Initially I didn’t want to because I didn’t feel like I had anything good to say. But with thought and prayer I felt led to do so, so here I am today with a blog. And I’ve loved doing this ever since. 

This site has changed my life because ever since I’ve had it I’ve met some really cool people and learned a lot about how God works in other people’s lives by reading what others have to say and hearing their testimonies. I’ve had my first experience with praying upfront to someone which was awesome and exhilarating yet nerve racking. Hahaha and I’ve also realized that I’m not the only one in the world with an actual love for God.

In this world we live in today it’s hard believe there’s any REAL LOVE out there whatsoever. There is no love if it is absent of God and that’s all we see in the media today. 

But yes my wife introduced me to this site and my experience has been wonderful since I’ve joined!!!

14 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge. Day 6 how I came across wordpress

  1. Awesome story – my daughter Courtney has been telling me, “Mom you should start a blog” … So just recently I did and it has been amazing. I LOVE seeing the passion for God from so many people all over the world. The blogs I have read have inspired and uplifted me beyond words. God bless you and wife.
    I said a prayer for you on your special day, “Happy Birthday & may you be blessed as you bless others in your life” !!!

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    1. Wow thank you so much I appreciate your prayer so much you have no idea. It’s one of the greatest gifts to receive. And hahaha isn’t that crazy how someone can tell you over and over you should do something but you never quite get it until you do and once you do your like “why the heck haven’t I don’t this sooner ” hahaha thank you so much for the comment I look forward to reading more of your stuff as well I reblogged your latest post!


      1. You’re more than welcome for the prayer … anytime !! I believe in the amazing power of prayer as I have seen time and time again. I have seen situations that looked hopeless completely turn around through prayer. Praising God every time I think about the many answered prayers !!
        After seeing the movie War Room (which by the way if you have not seen it – it is amazing!! You and your wife would love it) The amazing woman in the movie had a war room and she posted her prayers on the wall and would go into this room to pray. I started one in my closet and I have watched as I posted prayers and prayed over them become answered and I also have people that I pray for every day and as I meet new people I add them to my War Room.
        And YES I completely agree, so glad Courtney encouraged me to blog.
        It really has been an awesome experience. I believe as Christians we find strength in each other as we walk through this world together.
        God bless you – may His amazing love fill your heart as you continue to share Jesus.

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      2. My wife and I love that movie. Truly it is so powerful and the different aspects of a Christian that are highlighted are so beautifully executed by the cast. It was completely contrary to today’s perspective on what a Christian is and it shows how we are not and don’t pretend to be perfect but strive for it. Great movie and my wife and I are trying to figure out how to make one because we don’t quite have a closet big enough hahaha but we will figure it out. But yes the power of prayer is truly magnificent I’ve been so blessed to say I’ve seen the changes that prayer can make so I don’t take it likely when people say they will pray for me I welcome it with open arms!!!

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      3. Awesome … my Prayer / War Room is not big I am using the back of my closet door in my bedroom closet. Small but it works LOL
        Amen on everything you said about prayer and the Christian perspective – Agree completely !!
        I just prayed for you and your wife – God bless you both !! My sister and brother in Christ

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      4. OOPS almost forgot, “thank you so much” I saw that you reblogged my last post ~
        When I saw that I thought wow Rachel was killed over 10 years ago and her life is still changing lives, inspiring others, and giving us all courage to live for Jesus !! Rachel wanted to touch lives for Jesus and she is still doing that and you are helping by posting her life on your blog – I believe others will be inspired by her story that read your blog and above all others will continue to share Jesus to a world that needs Him !!!! Praying for courage to be bold in our faith – Jesus gave it all for us –
        amazing love !!

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      5. Yes truly her story is highly inspirational and I pray it can give more people in our community strength because that kind of commitment to Jesus is beautiful to say the least

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