30 day blog challenge. day 5 What I think about education.

What do I think about education?

Well the answer to this question depends on who, what, when, where why and how the individual is educated.

Getting an education today means something totally different from what it used to mean.

The things being taught in public schools and even in some theology based schools in regards to science and human growth and development in my opinion is outrageous and is a way to control the minds of the youth.

I would have no problem with these things being taught if they were facts or even the slightest bit scientific. But they aren’t, things like evolution and the big bang theory have no place in textbooks around the country.Those theories are unfounded and can not be tested scientifically. The fact that they are taught these things despite the lack of scientific foundation shows that it is nothing more than a strategy to mold the perspectives of children to make them believe there is no use for a God and that we are God’s 

To make matters worse schools are now further confusing the minds of children by encouraging kids to embrace what ever gender they would like to be identified as and that being born with male genitalia does not make you a male and vise versa.

Education for the youth is nothing more than a way to confuse and brainwash children in their adolescence.

But when you get older you have college to look forward to. This is pretty much a prolonged learning experience designed to take your money and keep you out of the working field for as long as possible.

Most Doctors, Nurses, surgeons and other health care professionals I work with have admitted that most of the things they’ve learned in college they did the even need and that they did not truly learn to be what they are until they started working in their field. 

Education as a form of enlightenment or training in a particular field I am all for, encourage and believe is an absolute necessity, but the way children are taught and the things they are taught today I am 100% against. Because those things are 100% against God. 

2 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge. day 5 What I think about education.

  1. Amen !! Julian I completely agree with you – God has blessed me with the
    opportunity to teach private Christian Home School Students AP English,
    AP Psych, Sociology, Biblical (Nouthetic Counseling), American Gov / Economics, Philosophy from a Biblical Perspective, Speech & Debate … the list goes on … It is a blessing to watch my students grow stronger as Christians and learning to think for themselves using the bible as the sole source of truth.
    But public schools and colleges scare me … like you said there are even some Christian Colleges that twist scripture & some even teach theistic evolution.
    Thanks for sharing LOVE the picture

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    1. Wow you are proficient in quite a few areas of study sheesh. That is such a blessing to have a true to the faith teacher out there. There is too much compromise going on with scripture, believers water it down to fit a “loving” narrative. That would be fine but you can’t change or water down truth or else it is a lie. And I am not for having lies being taught to my children. Also what ever you are willing to teach on here my ears eyes heart and spirit are open I can not wait to learn from you!!!!

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