30 day blogging challenge day 3. 5 of my pet peeves

This one is a pretty tough one to write because I’m not easily angered. Not much gets under my skin and I’m actually known as “the guy who is always happy and smiling” at work. Not only that but I truly do try to live by James 1:19,”My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” but nevertheless I am not perfect and here and there I do get annoyed.

These are my 5 pet peeves:

1.) When Christians don’t like talking about God!!!

I know some people that simply can not stand to have conversations about Jesus. The funny thing about those people is THEY’RE CHRISTIANS.







You mention God or our savior and their immediate reaction is, “oh gosh here we go” and feel like you are ruining the fun with such serious talk. That honestly says a lot about you internally. What is it about God or the name of Jesus that takes your heart of flesh and turns it into stone.





2.) When people twist the word of God in order to fit their narrative!!!

This one applies to both believers and non-believers. Often times the bible will be 100% clear on something and yet someone will find a way to distort the meaning to accompany their argument and they will be so heavily rooted in this belief that they wont bother seeking actual truth. twisted bible




3.) When people don’t have manners!!!

I mean come on, how hard is it to say please and thank you with a smile when someone does something for you. I deal with this a lot at my job and it makes me wanna be like “what do you saayyyy?” like how my mom used to do.

4.) When I have a day or a few hours where literally nothing goes right!!!

I don’t know why this happens but there are some days where I will wake up and from the moment I open my eyes EVERYTHING STARTS GOING WRONG. I open my eyes and something flies in it I step out of bed and there’s a Lego there, after brushing my teeth I accidentally wash my mouth out with shampoo instead of mouthwash (yes this really happened) those days are just… wow hahaha.

5.) When someone tells me to do something that I’m already on my way to doing!!!

This is like an, “are you serious” moment. This usually happens either with parents or at work. For example, I will take my phone out to order Chinese food for dinner and my mother will say to me, “hey Ju (Ju is short for Julian) can you order the food I’m hungry”

are you serious

All of these can be counted as my pet peeves, but even in the moments where these things happen I try my best to keep my composure and not get fussy. When a christian doesn’t like talking about God I respect their wish. When people twist the word of God to fit their narrative I try to just stay silent because the truth will remain the truth no matter how hard they try to twist it. When people don’t have manners I just do my act of kindness with a smile and keep in mind that God saw it and that is all that matters. When I have a bad day I take a breather, pray to God and seek the kingdom and ask Him to help me to exercise patience. Lastly, when someone tells me to do something I was already about to do I just do it :). We all have pet peeves and that’s fine, but our patience should be greater than our anger. We are called to be different, this world is filled with people who are quick to anger so lets separate ourselves from the bunch :)!


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