30 day blog challenge day 2. Things I’m bad at

Ya know, It is so ironic that while trying to think of the things that I’m bad at I actually wound up finding a whole bunch of things that I’m good at. I realize that not a lot of people are fortunate enough to say they are good at quite a few things so I just would like to acknowledge that I am truly grateful for every single thing that I have the slightest bit of skill in. Hopefully all that I am good at will lead me to leading someone else to Christ.

But when I do the things I am bad at boy does it get ugly hahaha. Okay so here is a list of the things that I am simply not very good at:

Hand writinghand writing – My hand writing isn’t the worst handwriting in the world but It for sure is ugly and for the most part illegible. I can not express how deeply uncomfortable I am whenever I have to sign something.







Hockey and soccer- I’m a pretty athletic person and often excel at things involving athleticism (I say this humbly of course). But no matter how hard I try or how much I focus on these two sports I will never be good at them!!! -_-




sleeping in classpaying attention at school – I’m not someone who is on their phone during class or anything, but when the professor begins their lecture I start thinking about everything except for what is being taught! x-P In fact it’s so bad that I only take online classes. This way I don’t have to waste time going to a school to not learn something. 😀




messy room

Cleaning and keeping an area clean – Okay I’m not as bad as I used to be at keeping a room clean and my living space certainly doesn’t look as bad as this picture but if it were not for my wife kicking my butt for being a messy boy and her cleaning up while I’m at work I could definitely see my home looking like a zoo or jungle or something.



Painting a pic yopainting – I have an abundant amount of love for painting. When a blank canvas can be turned into a masterpiece it blows me away. I’ve always been fairly decent at drawing, but painting is like a nightmare to me. When attempting to paint my hair suddenly turns into weeds in a garden because all I want to do is rip it out with frustration hahaha!

As I was trying to reflect on all the things that I am bad at I tried to come up with some spiritual things that I’m bad at. I couldn’t include anything because I don’t see spiritual struggles as something that someone is “bad at”. Spiritual struggles are things that we struggle with but are designed to overcome and excel at with the help of Jesus. So I used today’s daily challenge to practice my humility. I love today’s challenge because it forces someone to bring themselves down off of their pedestal (if they’re on one) and not take yourself so seriously. I’m sure there is a lot more that I am bad at but this is all I’ve got for now haha until next time folks. 🙂

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