30 day blogging challenge day 1


While going through my subscriptions I came across an article posted by Courtney aka 1timothy412girl that really inspired me! (btw she writes great stuff so if your reading this go over to her page and check her stuff out.) Courtney has begun a 30 day blogging challenge and as I follow her along her Journey I decided to start one of my own. So here is day 1 of my 30 day blogging challenge with the Lord.

Day 1: The difference between your personal and internet life.

Hahaha first off I think the term internet life is really weird, but it is something that quite often differs from actual life so its pretty befitting to ask someone a question like this. The main differences between my personal life and internet life would be

  1. I’m not as well composed, I’m fairly messy and all over the place and tend to procrastinate a lot.
  2. I am a lot more energetic than my writing can convey.
  3. Who I actually am can’t really be depicted in writing

Other than that I’d probably say there are no other differences. I talk about God a lot on the internet because that’s what I enjoy doing in my personal life. I reach out to people, show and spread love because that is what I try to do in my personal life as well, although I must say I have a much easier time doing it online that’s for sure haha.

My personal and internet life both revolve around the same purpose and that’s Jesus, Spreading His word and strengthening His community. I Just want to help God bring glory to His kingdom and I am so grateful that he allows me to!

One thought on “30 day blogging challenge day 1

  1. Aw, thanks for the mention Julian! I’m glad to hear my post inspired you to start the challenge! And great article, I definitely learned more about you by reading this! Good luck on the challenge! 😊

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