22 Reasons to STOP Believing in God Debunked.

I stumbled across a video on Youtube called, “reasons to stop believing in god.” I’ve taken the time out to rebuttal/answer all of the arguments made against God’s existence. I Hope I can help anyone who was fooled by this man’s statements.

Here is the video, I’ve copied and numbered the questions and answered them below. so feel free to watch it all the way through and look for the number of the argument you’d like to have answered.


Argument 1: “If God knows everything we’re Going to do in the future, then we don’t have free will; but we do.”

Answer: God knows what we are going to do but His knowledge of our decisions does not dictate or control the outcome. For instance, I know you are going to create more videos supporting atheism but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the free will to choose whether or not you will.

Argument 2: “If God doesn’t know everything we’re going to do in the future, then He’s not really omniscient.”

Answer: God is omniscient, but His knowledge of our future choices does not interfere with us making them.

Argument 3: “God couldn’t stop a murder when there were only four people on earth.”

Answer: First, God does not interfere with mankind’s choices, we do these things out of our own free will. God knew Cain would kill Abel but he did not stop him because Cain had the free will to do as he pleased and the bible makes it clear that God was not very happy with Cains decision. Second, at that time there were much more than just four people on the earth. The bible even mentions Cain having a wife at the time and him fearing being killed by people who found him. The bible indicates that there were more than four people. The ones that are mentioned are the ones that were essential to the story.

Argument 4:” If we’re supposed to be God’s special creatures, then the universe is full of a lot of wasted space.

Answer: What you consider a waste of space is a matter of opinion. The stars and planets all represent God’s majesty, glory and Power. The fact that this planet is the only planet with life helps us understand how precious we are to God. Of all the space in the universe God used this one relatively small planet to place His beloved creations.

Argument 5: “Myth of a great flood and a virgin birth were around long before Jesus came around. Maybe those are just elements of an interesting story.”

Answer: Naturally, the story of the flood would exist long before Jesus because it occurred long before Jesus. Stories of a virgin birth likely existed before Jesus was born due to prophecies foretelling the coming of a Messiah that would be born of a virgin. The book of Isaiah mentions this prophecy in Chapter 7 vs 14, “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”Long before Jesus was born He was prophesied about which can explain the stories that precede His birth.

Argument 6: “Virgins can’t get pregnant, not without modern medicine anyway.”

Answer: I agree, virgins absolutely can NOT get pregnant, which is why it is considered a miracle that Mary was pregnant with Jesus. She was a virgin that conceived which has never happened before or after Jesus. If virgin births were common it wouldn’t have set the birth of Jesus apart from any other birth.

Argument 7: “Michele Bachmann and Sara Palin are christian.”

Answer: If two people who poorly represent something is a reason to stop believing in it, I guess George Bush and Richard Nixon are enough for us all to stop believing in a presidency or even a government entirely, and because someone represents something well is not a good reason to start believing in it. Jared Fogle seemed like a great representation of eating well and losing weight at subway, so should we all be pedophiles? We should be seeking truth, not trying to follow what looks the best.

Argument 8: “God seems to agree with you about everything, isn’t that a coincidence; and isn’t it also a coincidence that God seems to agree with all those Christians who also disagree with you?

Answer: I can admit that there are people who put words in God’s mouth in order to support what they believe but that is the person that is corrupt not God. God’s word is still inerrant. The way you know whether God is behind someone or not is by comparing their fruits (deeds, actions, words) with scripture.

Argument 9: “If you ever wrote a book with that many contradictions in it, your publishers would have to pull it from the shelves.”

Answer: People often say that the bible is full of “contradictions,” but if you do the research you will find that there is an answer for every supposed “contradiction” in the bible.

Argument 10: “If God made us in his image, Why do we have vestigial body parts that often fail?”

Answer: The first man and woman (Adam and Eve) did not have complications with organ failure. They and the things around them were made to last forever in harmony, but when they disobeyed God they brought sin, death and disease into the world as well as corrupting their own bodies. When they sinned against God they lost their glory and over time the genetic code became more and more corrupt. What you consider to be vestigial is a matter of opinion. Just because you don’t understand the function of an organ doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a function or serve a purpose. 1 Corinthians 12:21–23 states, “the eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” Or again, the head can’t say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” But even more, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are necessary. And those parts of the body that we think to be less honorable, we clothe these with greater honor, and our unpresentable parts have a better presentation.”

Argument 11: “99.9% of all the species that God ever supposedly created are extinct. How many do-overs does God need?”

Answer: God never needed a do over. God always wanted to spare His creation and give chance after chance in order to exhibit and receive true love to and from His creation. The extinctions are not God killing off His created animals. I reiterate when man disobeyed God it brought sin, death, and disease into the world. Sickness, death, and disease are attributed to man not God.

Argument 12: “God doesn’t exist because i said so! What you don’t like that reason, because that’s the same reason a lot of parents and pastors give to children to convince them that God does exist.”

Answer: Some of the points made have the same answer. Just because someone represents something poorly is not a reason to stop believing in it. I’m sure you can agree that there are atheists that misrepresent Atheism all the time, but you still continue to be an Atheist. The people who misrepresent God do not take anything away from the fact that He exists and that His word is truth.

Argument 13: “The Holocaust”

Answer: Hitler and the Holocaust is an example of someone who used the name of God to do something that goes directly against God’s word. People have claimed to do things in the name of God but really God was not behind them. We know this by examining their fruit and comparing it with scripture. God in no way would condone the Holocaust.

Argument 14: “The proof people give for why God exists is so often based on their personal experiences ya know. God spoke to them, they feel God, they just know God exists; Its the sort of proof that we would never take seriously if it were applied anywhere else.”

Answer: This was a pretty nit picky and poor reason to tell someone not to believe. The reason why someone would share a testimony is because they have experienced God work in their life. “What better proof is there than an experience,” is what tends to come to mind when people try to prove God’s existence. If you don’t like that approach I understand, but it is not a good reason to tell people to fall away from their faith.

Argument 15: Too many of God’s followers using bible verses to support their beliefs, have made life worse for other people.

Answer: Since the beginning of time, man has made decisions that caused life to be worse for others. This is not something you can blame on God. Also, the way people use scripture to affect others is not always to make life worse but to save people from their own ways of destruction. There are times when people use scripture and misrepresent God which again is a corruption of man not God. There are also times where people genuinely care and are seeking to help, but the person finds the truth to be disturbing because it doesn’t agree with what they are doing.

Argument 16: No matter what Ray Comfort says, God didn’t create bananas to look like this. They evolved this way without God’s help.

Answer: I find what Ray Comfort says about the banana to be a pretty funny and unique way to explain it’s shape, but I don’t think he was using the banana as absolute proof of God’s existence. His example was simply his response to this statement made by Eric Hovind, “If something was designed it must have a designer, if something was created it must have a creator.” I nor Ray Comfort know God’s intention behind the shape of the banana, but whether God made it to fit wonderfully into our hands as Mr Comfort states or if that just happens to be a wonderful benefit of ours doesn’t matter and is not a reason for someone not to believe in God.

Argument 17: “Every time science and religion go head to head science wins.”

Answer: This statement is assuming that religious people can not be scientists. Are you aware that the inventor of the MRI Raymond Damadian is a christian creationist? Also, if you are simply referring to debates where people try to disprove God’s existence using science, you couldn’t be more wrong with your statement. Have you ever seen a Kent Hovind video? If not, I suggest you check him out.

Argument 18: “You don’t need God to be a good person, just cut out the middle man.”

Answer: Without God, what is good? How do you know it is good? What is the purpose of good and why is being good so important? Someone said to me, “If it makes others happy and benefits everyone then it is good.” The problem with that statement is, it’s ambiguous and vague. Not only that, but how many things that people consider to be “good” actually make us happy AND benefits everyone. Both of these things are kind of rare to come by and if you separate them there is no sense in calling it good because there are things that make people happy that negatively impact others and there are things that benefit others but disturb someone else. In order for something to be good it has to be defined as good. Someone has to set the standard for what is right and wrong, that person to me is God. We can not define what is good ourselves becasue what one person believes to be “good” another person will find evil. Some believe abortion and the death penalty are “good” and others find it to be evil or bad.

Argument 19: “People have been saying Jesus is coming back during their life time for many, many, many lifetimes. He’s not coming back, its time to move on.”

Answer: The issue with the claims in the past about Jesus coming back in that era of time, was that those people overlooked the fact that the bible says no man knows the day or the hour, yet they tried to predict the day and the hour. That is a mishap on their behalf not a reason to stop believing in God. Nevertheless Jesus will indeed return and when he does you’ll be quite surprised, we all will be.

Argument 20: “God works in mysterious ways is typically a euphemism for stop asking hard questions.”

Answer: God works in mysterious ways is our way of saying humbly we do not have all the answers while maintaining faith that God is still in the midst of whatever is going on.

Argument 21: “Between tornadoes in Oklahoma, droughts in Texas, and hurricanes in Alabama, there sure are a lot of natural disasters in the places that God supposedly loves.”

Answer: God loves the entirety of His creation and His will is for all of us to love Him and turn to Him. Sadly, people just don’t make that decision (Hey there goes that free will thing again). It was never God’s intention for natural disasters to occur, that was a bi-product of the fall of man. When Jesus returns and rights all of our wrongs, you will no longer see things like that.

Arguments 22: “your were made in Gods image, except for your foreskin apparently you need to cut that off.”

Answer: The shaving of the foreskin was not a necessity until after the fall of man when sin, death, and disease entered into the world. Just because it was in more recent times that we discovered shaving the foreskin off of a penis would prevent certain infectious diseases, doesn’t mean God didn’t know this. That was something God established to protect His people and set them apart from other nations.

There are hundreds of thousands of views on the video and thousands of likes. If one does their research they will find that most of the arguments made in this video have good answers to them. This video is misleading with half truths and poor reasoning without any solid foundation. I just pray that in answering these arguments I was able to at least reach and help one person.


4 thoughts on “22 Reasons to STOP Believing in God Debunked.

    1. I love the subject and idea of apologetics. To have an answer to skeptics questions not only helps them but it helps us as believers. it strengthens our faith because we come to a new understanding as we research the objections that people have for the bible 😀😀😀 your extremely encouraging sis!!!

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      1. wow truly it is an honor being able to inspire you. all glory be to God!!! I’m so happy to have uplifted you and it is so true sister. apologetics is good for so many reasons


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