Falling into grace

God help me

Falling, at this point you’d think that I would have it all figured out. You’d think falling would be a thing of the past for me. You’d think I’d never mess up because of how far I’ve come with God. Reading everyday, praying throughout, going to church, trying my best to always make sure that I am dawning the full armor of God, and giving myself over to him completely; nothing, nothing at all can keep me from feeling that rigid, cold, heartless, lucrative concrete that forces so many to taste its cemented flavor of death. It’s tiring It’s disappointing, and it hurts your spirit so badly to fail God when facing these obstacles. At my lowest point I began to read the book of Romans chapter one. THIS MADE EVERYTHING WORSE!!! Chapter one of the book of Romans will make you feel like heaven is so far from an achievable goal that you will want to give up completely on God. I felt dirty, I felt disgusting, I felt defeated and ready to throw in the towel when I decided to turn the page and keep reading. 

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Is it real to you?

thomas believing

What do you believe in, and is it real to you? The majority of people who answer this question state what they believe and then say “of course it’s real to me”. Which leads to my next question; what do you think about what other people believe? I expect the response to this question to be more controversial. Your response to this question actually determines the legitimacy of your response to the first question.

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Being a christian makes you feel low

Following the will of God is one of the most degrading, demeaning, inglorious experiences Christians go through. I try so hard just to make sure I listen carefully to him and stray away from making moves that don’t line up with scripture, but it seems like no matter how hard I try to do the right thing people find a way to make me feel like I’m doing something wrong. For a while I attributed this to me just not knowing the voice of God and me just living my life based off of a flawed understanding that I had of the bible. In the process of following the will of God I’ve lost my brothers, my father, my sisters and a couple of other family members because they don’t agree with the choices I’ve made. I’ve said to myself a thousand times, “These are supposed be the people closest to me and they all claim to love God so why don’t they understand me and why I am going in this direction.” When things started to heat up and my issues seemed to be at the climax and I was beginning to say Lord I can’t take this anymore, I was lead to read Matthew and in reading Matthew I come across this verse, “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”(Matthew 10:37).

God calls us to love Him more than our families. I knew this verse existed in the bible for a long time but never quite understood what the purpose behind the verse was until now. We live in an age where people will say they love God and attend church every Sunday, but during the week live un-apologetically sinful lives. It became evident to me that many people will say they know, love and follow God and even go as far as giving advise to others about God, but they themselves aren’t in tune with God. I realized that God stated this because He knew ahead of time that our families would be the ones to turn us away from Him and distort out understanding of who He is and how He works in our lives. He calls us to hate our families in comparison to him, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:26). This is because if you find yourself loving your family more than you love the Lord you will be led astray by their biased, worldly, misguided perception of God. Whenever you believe God is speaking to you test the spirits, align what you are being told with scripture, pray without ceasing, and consult with a pastor. Never just assume that just because your family “loves” you and “cares” about you they are will give you good advise. Trust in God and God alone. But if you do have a family that is truly devoted to God and not just people who use God as an insurance plan,stay close to them and urge them to stay in the word because this world is becoming increasingly deceptive and wicked. Lastly don’t don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of the road that God sets you on. Walk with the Lord with confidence knowing that God is planning every step you take!

22 Reasons to STOP Believing in God Debunked.

I stumbled across a video on Youtube called, “reasons to stop believing in god.” I’ve taken the time out to rebuttal/answer all of the arguments made against God’s existence. I Hope I can help anyone who was fooled by this man’s statements.

Here is the video, I’ve copied and numbered the questions and answered them below. so feel free to watch it all the way through and look for the number of the argument you’d like to have answered.

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Following Jesus, a journey within a journey

following jesus

Admittedly, there is so much that I do not understand about this world. Every new day brings a new lesson to be learned. This is why time should encompass wisdom. Sadly, with each generation that comes and goes, wisdom and its importance seems to dwindle. Why is this? Possibly because we have become a nation so far removed from the very source of wisdom (God), and are more focused on seeking knowledge and discovering our “purpose” in life.

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